Saturday Training Day at Dundee Track

Saturday Training Day at Dundee Track

Postby The Loneys » Sat Jun 04, 2011 5:34 pm

Martin Harris from Discovery Juniors has extended an offer to Ythan QL for us to do a spot of training with them on a Saturday.

He's offered a session with his Discovery Juniors followed straight after by a session for just Ythan QL or just a session with the QL alone. These sessions would be on track bikes at Caird Park in Dundee. They have plenty of bikes so our QL's will have no problem in borrowing a bike for the session.

If anyone is interested just post here or email me and I can organise something either before the schools break up or later into August. Might be an idea to let me know, if you are keen, any Saturdays that are either a definate no or a perferred yes.

There are track sessions as part of the Skinny Tyres series so anyone looking at doing the series next year will find a track session useful. Plus its good to get different skills from different types of cycling. Zak also takes part in the Thursday evening track league at Dundee and if anyone wants to see what it's all about I can take a passenger with us (leave Ellon at 16:30 and get back to Ellon round about 22:00). Again if you want a shot at the league then a bit if training goes a long way. The guys at Discovery Juniors are really welcoming so I'd like to get this off the ground and take them up on this offer. We'll certainly be taking Zak and Adam along on a Saturday for a session. Adam went to the track league on Thursday and liked what he saw and wanted a go - which was a shock as he said he'd never ride a fixed wheel bike - ever!. For those of you who know Andrew and Stephen Brown (Ex- Deeside Thistle) they also go along to Discovery Juniors training sessions they hold on a Tuesday Evening too as well as Saturdays!

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