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Dunfermline CC Mountain Time Trial Sun 6/3/11

PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2011 6:37 pm
by The Loneys
Message from Mark Mackay

Please see the email below an early season event that over 12’s are eligible for. It’s a 2-up team time trial of 25 miles in Fife! Several youth and junior riders have competed in the previous 2 seasons although be warned the weather is usually cold so come prepared for a tough race if entering. Oh yeah its very hilly too! The course is on open roads and not closed to traffic although the circuit is relatively light traffic wise.

For those new to these type of events, it requires pairs of riders to complete the course together and will take approximately between 60-90mins depending on ability. Pairs do not need to be from the same club however i’d recommend they be of a similar ability and to have practised riding together on the road beforehand.

It appears that there have been some issues with the SCU event calender this year and our Mountain Time Trial has been missed off. As you rode last year, I am writing to tell you all that the event is very much still on again this year including the junior 2-up. Please find attached the event flyer which should contain all the information you need to enter.

I look forward to receiving your entry forms!


Michael Summers
Dunfermline CC Mountain TT Event Organiser

Re: Dunfermline CC Mountain Time Trial Sun 6/3/11

PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2011 6:41 pm
by The Loneys
Zak is interested in having a go at this one. Anyone wanting a go and willing to be his 2 up partner?
If you are just get in touch, we'll not be at turbo training this weekend as Zak is back at the velodrome in Manchester on Saturday.

Re: Dunfermline CC Mountain Time Trial Sun 6/3/11

PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:14 pm
by Andy D

I would not be one to try to dissuade folks from races but I'm not sure this one is the best for Zak, as it comes very early in the season, could be pretty brutal and as it is a 2-up I am not sure if it will be easier or harder for Zak (depending on his 2 up partner, I suppose).

I am away in Mallorca and won't be there, otherwise I would have volunteered to help him out if he really wanted to do that event.

Zak could do a lot worse than target local events (and maybe some up north, like Forres who normally have a few youths racing), the National Youth events/series and the odd event away from ADCA.

For example if he is mad keen to get racing, there is the Corrieri Classic 10 mile TT at Cambusbarron (Stirling) on 20/03/2011, which is on a pan flat out and back course and several Ythanites will most likely be there (me and Fiona will probably be there) then the ADCA Presentation TT on a slightly more technical, lumpy course after that.

See what you think but my advice would be to keep the powder dry as there are no shortage of events for him all season long, right through to the end of September.


Re: Dunfermline CC Mountain Time Trial Sun 6/3/11

PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:00 pm
by The Loneys
So many races not enough time I guess. After reading your comments Zak has decided that as no one has come forward to 2 up with him he's going to enter the first of the Skinny Tyre Series on 13th March and also fancies a go at the flat 10 mile TT the week after. We like the idea of other Ythanites being there too.
Thanks for the advice - all advice welcomed as we are still new to all this racing stuff this will be our first full season and looking forward to it!