Good luck Zak.....

Good luck Zak.....

Postby Colin A » Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:19 pm Manchester this weekend. Enjoy yourself and show them how its done in the NE of Scotland 8-)

Turbo training for everyone else on Sat morning as usual. ;)
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Re: Good luck Zac.....

Postby The Loneys » Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:33 pm

Zak had a great time so did we watching him........fair brought a tear to his Mum's eye (soppy sod) seeing him on the Velodrome track that we'd watched Ross Edgar and others the night before! Everyone pulled out the stops for him from loaning of track bikes and rollers (thanks Colin) and personal coaching on the day before he was let loose on the track for the general training sessions.

It was good to hear him being praised but he's taking it in his stride - I think he would like a proper race to see just how good he really is, shame the Scottish indoor facilities are lacking! But Karl has got his wish ...........he's bought a van to get the bikes in, no more struggling, now he just needs to convert it to a camper van! So at least we'll not need to stay in hotels! (Don't go to the Travelodge in Oldham it was awful.)

The coaches said that if anyone was interested in track training just to speak to them but there will not be any further Manchester sessions organised until spring probaly, so if any QL's are interested either get in touch with me or Mark Mackay directly. There should be more sessions coming up at Ingliston and Meadowbank, Mark is going to email me when the sessions come up so Ythan can send down recruits.

In the mean time we will try to take Mark up on his offer to come up to us and do a bit of training in 2011.
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