Free bike loan

Free bike loan

Postby Fiona Fudge » Thu Jun 24, 2010 12:23 pm

From Braveheart Forum:

The "Dynamo Falkirk" has some more funds available. So we can buy some more kids bikes.

The bikes will be loaned free of charge to any club that has youth members who would benefit from 12 months free use of a race bike.

If your club has someone who would benefit from this please PM me via this forum, or email me on:

The bikes are road bikes from Isla Bikes and are suitable for road riding, racing and with a change of tyres they can be used for cyclo cross.

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Re: Free bike loan

Postby Colin A » Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:45 am

The club has been kindly loaned a brand new Luath Small Islabike by the Falkirk Dynamo Cycle Racing Fund. We have the bike for a year. I carried out a raffle of all the kids who were at the training session and Alexander Blair will be the custodian of the bike. If Alexander is not using the bike then it is available for others to use.

The bikes are financed through personal donations. FDCRF have some very generous patrons. Cateye, Altura, Williams McKinnley Employment Specialists, Coopland Consultancy (Environmental), the Braveheart fund as well as individuals. They have also received donations from clubs who have benefitted from the use of the bikes.

The "Dynamo Falkirk Cycle Racing Fund" is not a club. It exists just to raise money, buy and lend out bikes to other clubs that can benefit from them. It is called the "Falkirk" because all of its founding members just happen to race for the falkirk BC. The FBC has virtually no youth members and does not receive any bikes from the fund!
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