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Scottish National TTT Championships - 31/8/14

PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 4:49 pm
by Chris C
Finish Team No Team Name Club M/F Result Avg age Comments
1 27 Dooleys Cycles http://www.Dooleys‐ M 01:10:43 46
2 14 Edinburgh RC Edinburgh RC M 01:11:36 36
3 7 Sandy Wallace Cycles Sandy Wallace Cycles M 01:12:02 32
4 17 Moray Firth CC team A Moray Firth CC M 01:12:14 39
5 9 Musselburgh RCC A Team Musselburgh RCC M 01:13:06 40
6 22 Granite City RT Granite City RT M 01:13:37 38
7 25 Aberdeen Wheelers A Aberdeen Wheelers CC M 01:13:44 32
8 19 Team Thomsons Cycles Team Thomsons Cycles M 01:14:43 42
9 20 Fullarton Wheelers A Fullarton Wheelers M 01:15:53 48
10 23 Deeside Thistle Deeside Thistle CC M 01:16:06 45
11 13 Ayr Roads CC Ayr Roads CC M 01:16:37 42
12 11 Ythan A Ythan CC M 01:17:05 29
13 15 Paisley Velo 2 Paisley Velo CC M 01:17:11 35
14 8 Dunfermline CC Kinross CC M 01:17:20 46
15 24 MFCC Moray Firth CC M 01:19:20 44
16 21 Aberdeen Wheelers B Aberdeen Wheelers CC M 01:21:00 37
17 26 Ythan CC B Team Ythan CC M 01:21:25 33
18 5 MRCC team 2 Musselburgh RCC M 01:21:40 41
19 16 ERC Vets Edinburgh RC M 01:23:11 49
20 12 Paisley Velo CC Paisley Velo CC M 01:23:12 40
21 10 Fullarton Team B Fullarton Wheelers M 01:25:53 48
22 3 Stirling Bike Club Stirling Bike Club F 01:31:21 45
23 2 Paisley Velo CC Paisley Velo CC F 01:35:57 35
DNF 6 Deeside Thistle SRCK Deeside Thistle CC M 01:28:18 47 DNF (2 of 4)
DNF 1 SBC 2 Stirling Bike Club F 02:01:31 36 DNF (1 of 3)
DNS 4 Deeside Thistle F Deeside Thistle CC F n/a 40 DNS
DNS 18 MRCC 3 Musselburgh RCC M n/a 37 DNS

Re: Scottish National TTT Championships - 31/8/14

PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 7:48 am
by Andy D
This was a cracking event on a testing course with some tickly uphill sections on it.

It is testament to how progressive we are as a club that Ythan fielded two teams and were the youngest average age team in the case of the A Team and 3rd youngest in the B Team - all down to having good Junior riders in our ranks and they acquitted themselves with real distinction in my opinion. (bearing in mind the rest of those making up the teams were no where near being juniors!! especially the Oldies and Youngsters making up the A Team, 2 vets/2 juniors - great stuff)

I can only really speak for the A Team as I saw at close hand how strongly Jordan Stronach and Hamish Cooper rode, always willing to push on and very fleet going uphill, where unfortunately I let the side down, as I am an uphill plodder and held us back. (sorry folks). I am quite sure we would have secured a Top 10 finish had I been a bit lighter and fitter and could travel at the speeds Jordan and Hamish could muster (on their Junior Gears mind!).

The course was a good one but the road surface at the back of the course on the South Deeside road wasn't great and I did fear punctures round that way. That didn't happen but it was always a worry. We held our 4 men together very well though and not surprisingly Colin Duncan's mighty legs meant he was on the front for very long spells pullling us along but we all took our turns (some shorter than others :oops: Me again!)

I did see the B Team as they emerged from the Potarch Bridge and looked like a good working unit, I have to say we were getting ragged by that point but the B Team looked very together despite now being down to 3 men and the word on the street is that Craig Ward was performing the Colin Duncan role, pushing them on to a very respectable performance in a high quality field.

Great that Ythan are comepting with young riders in National Champs and credit to the club, coaches, parents and those involved behind the scenes with young and old.

Future's bright.

Re: Scottish National TTT Championships - 31/8/14

PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 7:43 pm
by Colin A
Great stuff, fantastic photos on facebook as well