Knockburn CX - 3rd Nov

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Knockburn CX - 3rd Nov

Postby Russ » Mon Nov 04, 2013 12:57 pm

heres something you dont see very often (last one I think was 2006) a race report from yours truly.

First cx race.... ever for me yesterday, great fun. Felt a bit of fraud on the 29er but Jen wont let me buy another bike so it was the best option for the day. After a later than planned arrival (although we did see Elliots win and Scotts fourth in the under 8's well done guys) we set up camp, just at the lip of the short bank off the entrace road as the route headed into the trees, to offer support to the Ythanites taking part.

First up was Mike and Graham who had a good ding dong with G in front until the last lap before Mike found a way past Grahams fully clagged up bike, I dont think there was much in it between the two but both were smiling on every lap - Mike definatley was Graham appeared to have more of a grimace. Ali McG was looking good in his new team colours, best interaction with gathered Ythan masses however goes to Iain P for DTCC he was looking well happy (too happy sometimes even). Special mention maybe for Iain as well as no sooner had he finished the vets race he was out on course marshalling.

Andy S and myself found our way to the start of the seniors race which headed into a short loop through the trees to spread everyone out before the laps started. It was great seeing the flags and the hearing the noise from the Scouller/Craig camp in the trees (despite being in the trees I'm pretty sure it was heard across the course).

Although the grip was fine on the mtb in the mud/sand it was really draggy on the wet grass/mud round the loch, where I guess the cx bikes really showed their worth. A real lack of any really sustained effort training showed by my laps times as they gradually increased over the hour but there is a plan in place for a return to pinning on a number again in 2014 so that will hopefully improve.

Favourite bits had to be the part from between the sand and the start finish line. It took you up past the cafe and into the woodies before going over some small hurdles. Worst (although still enjoyable) part was the drag round the loch, the sun came out on the last lap which really showed off the venue - great location.

Big thanks to DTCC and the orgainising team, great course, I managed to steal about 3kgs worth of Knockburn mud/gravel/grass between the bike, my shoes and my clothes so if anyone at Knockburn wants it back its in a nice pile in my backie.
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Re: Knockburn CX - 3rd Nov

Postby Colin A » Tue Nov 05, 2013 7:45 pm

good stuff, any photos?
May I remind you of that scene
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Re: Knockburn CX - 3rd Nov

Postby Andy Scouller » Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:00 pm

Here is a good video of the men's race
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