ADCA Championship Time Trial

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ADCA Championship Time Trial

Postby Colin A » Sun Sep 29, 2013 6:16 pm

Well done to Jordan who picked up first place for teh Youth Championship today before rushing off to his Aunt's wedding.

29th September 2013
"25" mile CTT, Garlogie/Dunecht loop

Name Club Finish Class Race Time Lap 1 Race Time Lap 2 Race Time Total
Jordan Stronach Ythan CC YM 00:27:54 N/a 00:27:54
Lewis Webster Aberdeen Wheelers CC YM 00:30:42 N/a 00:30:42
Lewis Goodlad Ythan CC YM 00:31:23 N/a 00:31:23
Kirsten Knight Aberdeen Wheelers CC YF 00:35:58 N/a 00:35:58
Craig Wallace Granite City RT S 00:25:30 00:26:58 00:52:28
Keith Robertson Granite City RT V 00:25:58 00:27:43 00:53:41
Veli-Matti Raikkonen Granite City RT S 00:27:04 00:28:38 00:55:42
Jonathan Hunter Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 00:27:00 00:28:45 00:55:45
Stuart McCluskey S 00:27:24 00:28:55 00:56:19
Lee Smith Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 00:27:16 00:29:08 00:56:24
Robert Brown Sandy Wallace Cycles V 00:27:27 00:29:02 00:56:29
Greg Quinn Deeside Thistle CC V 00:28:02 00:29:22 00:57:24
Gareth Luce Moray Cycle Racing Team S 00:28:21 00:29:38 00:57:59
Norman Skene Granite City RT V 00:28:20 00:29:59 00:58:19
Mark Tandy Deeside Thistle CC V 00:28:29 00:30:10 00:58:39
Malcolm Young Deeside Thistle CC V 00:28:28 00:30:33 00:59:01
Zak Loney Team LFH JM 00:28:41 00:30:32 00:59:13
William Bavidge Ythan CC V 00:29:01 00:31:11 01:00:12
Jonathan Anthony Deeside Thistle CC S 00:29:39 00:30:36 01:00:15
Michael Giles Ythan CC V 00:29:13 00:31:38 01:00:51
Malcolm Grant Ythan CC S 00:29:24 00:31:29 01:00:53

Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton Sleaford Whls CC S 00:29:24 00:32:19 01:01:43
Jayson Weale Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 00:29:49 00:31:55 01:01:44
Rod Cowe Aberdeen Wheelers CC V 00:30:08 00:31:50 01:01:58
Calum Cowie Deeside Thistle CC V 00:29:49 00:32:35 01:02:24
Les Evans Deeside Thistle CC S 00:30:10 00:32:36 01:02:46
Jean-Baptiste Pose Deeside Thistle CC V 00:30:17 00:32:34 01:02:51
Julie Erskine Granite City RT F 00:30:35 00:32:46 01:03:21
James Whyman Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 00:30:57 00:32:56 01:03:53
Jacqueline Laing Deeside Thistle CC FV 00:31:22 00:33:21 01:04:43
Colin Allanach Ythan CC V 00:31:28 00:33:45 01:05:13
Iain Pritchard Deeside Thistle CC V 00:31:49 00:33:54 01:05:43
Bill Stephenson Deeside Thistle CC V 00:32:07 00:34:21 01:06:28
Chloe Fraser Deeside Thistle CC F 00:32:19 00:34:16 01:06:35
Stephen Walton Deeside Thistle CC V 00:32:33 00:34:15 01:06:48
Jennie McColl Aberdeen Wheelers CC FV 00:32:30 00:34:58 01:07:28
John Hunter Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 00:33:12 00:34:45 01:07:57
Brian Hatton SVTTA V 00:33:24 00:35:37 01:09:01
Ed Rattray Elgin CC V 00:34:28 00:37:16 01:11:44
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Re: ADCA Championship Time Trial

Postby malcolm » Sun Sep 29, 2013 6:36 pm

Well done to Jordan and Lewis. Thanks to Boab for a great course and all the marshals and helpers. Roll on March.
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Re: ADCA Championship Time Trial

Postby Colin A » Sun Sep 29, 2013 7:27 pm

From Boab on Braveheart

Good weather considering it was end of Sept
Expected winner ~ full timer and Cat 1 Craig Wallace [Granite City]
A rider with bags of talent in the bunch or agin the clock ~ Ably demonstrated today
It was a Granite City clean sweep with their "quiet man" Keith Robertson in second place and the wee man who had just finished his season and wasn't trying [his words last week] Veli Matti Raikkonen ~ nice end to a good road season Veli!!
Zak Loney took the local Junior Championship ~ unfortunately no opposition toady which I know disappointed Zak who again has ridden well on the road and exceptionally well on the track
Youths ~~ A & B combined ~ here again we had some withdrawals but winner Ythan's Jordan Stronach continued to show promise to win comfortably. Wheelers Lewis Webster turned the table on Ythan's Lewis Goodlad from SC TT last week taking silver today ~~ closely matched these two.
Vets awards: Granite City 2 out of 3 Keith Robertson, the ubiquitous Norman Skene with Deesider Gregg Quinn taking bronze
Ladies Championship almost a foregone conclusion pre-racebut closer than expected ~ Julie Erskine [Granite] ~ great season on the road this year and will continue to improve, Jacquie Laing [Deeside], Chloe Fraser [Deeside].
May I remind you of that scene
with your arms aloft in Aberdeen
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