Ythan Cycle run (its not a real race you know)

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Ythan Cycle run (its not a real race you know)

Postby Colin A » Mon Sep 16, 2013 6:31 pm

“It’s not a race, you’re not going to do any of that nonsense like last week are you?” prophetic words from Mr Cooper.

As we rolled out of Udny Green in a self imposed neutralised zone a large group or riders massed all over the road. Carol, Chris, Hamish and I weaved our way up to the front knowing that a fast decent to the Pitmedden road may prove a bit dangerous in the midst of such a large group. The decent was negotiated successfully. Two riders went for a lone beak off the front and they were left to sit there about 30 yards off the front for the next few miles. The next point of interest was the hill climb to the top of Esslemont. Again with a tricky decent ahead the Ythan contingent went to the font to stay clear of any carnage. No incidents and the group began to climb Ardlethen hill, up the 10% gradient a few riders dropped off. At the top Colin and Chris marshalled the group back together and corralled in a few more flighty rides who looked like they might make a bid for glory, after all it wasn’t a race. :roll:

With the Ythan riders again at the front and dictating pace in the tailwind the run in to Methlick was quite fast but manageable. The group sailed past the feed station and turned left for the climb out of Methlick. Chris heard the words “strava segment”, he was well aware of the fist short sharp climb and so was in the right gear, and he put the gas on. As Chris sprinted away a number of civilians attacked as well (cue much crunching of gears and old blokes breathing out of their arses to catch the mercurial Chris). Colin and Carol held their nerve and slowly reeled them in before the top of the climb (after all there was no panic, it wasn’t a race). The group was now split with bodies strung out over the mile long climb. Turning the final corner at the top of the climb meant that the wind was now in our faces. We noticed that Hamish hadn’t come up the climb with us which we were surprised at. After about 10 seconds of concern from his father we decided to push on :D . The Ythan trio again dictated the pace at the front with a few civilians left hanging on. At various points one civilian (lets call him Blue top man) in particular would go for an attack but would be left sitting about 30 yards up the road on his own until one of the trio bridged the gap and shepherded him back into the main group fold. He seemed quite happy to sit there for a while being sheltered until launching another attack which would come to nothing.

This pattern continued until just after the Tarves crossoads where Carol took control and upped the pace. Riding directly into the wind the woman was on a mission. She dropped most of the “hangers on” just leaving yellow top man and blue top man with Chris and myself. The five of us turned the corner on the last road back to Udny Green. Yellow top man made a bid for freedom at the bottom of a sharp hill and blue top man swiftly followed him. With about a mile to go these two looked likely to contest the uphill sprint into Udny Green. The Ythan trio held their nerve and once again steadily pulled them back in. Yellow top man had blown and dropped off leaving blue top man to hit the bottom of the hill into Udny Green in first place. Just as all seemed lost in a masterstroke of pure adrenaline and nanosecond timing, Chris and I launched ourselves up the hill and I screamed past the devastated looking blue top man, he was even more crestfallen when Chris pulled ahead to take second place.

It wasn’t a race but at my age I have to take everything I can get.
May I remind you of that scene
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Re: Ythan Cycle run (its not a real race you know)

Postby Chris C » Mon Sep 16, 2013 6:48 pm

Pure, dead brilliant Mr A :lol:
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Re: Ythan Cycle run (its not a real race you know)

Postby malcolm » Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:21 pm

Hamish proving his emerging talent by listening to the road coaches and not wasting any energy before the 10 the next day chasing you lot
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