The Bob Souter 10m TT - Results

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The Bob Souter 10m TT - Results

Postby Carol » Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:36 pm

Results from this morning's race. Beautiful warm, sunny day just a pity about the headwind on the return wind. Thanks to all who helped out this morning and a special mention to William who assisted at the turn :)

Simon Van Bellen 1st Aberdeen Wheelers S 0:22:27
Joe Nicolson 2nd Aberdeen Wheelers S 0:22:49
Robert Brown 3rd Sandy Wallace Cycles V 0:23:09
Keith Robertson Granite City RT V 0:23:16
Lee Smith Aberdeen Wheelers S 0:23:35
Alan Holmes Johnstone Wheelers S 0:23:49
Mike Spalding Granite City RT V 0:24:02
Malcolm Young Deeside Thistle V 0:24:36
Jordan Stronach 1st Y/J Ythan CC YM 0:24:36
Iain Grant Deeside Thistle V 0:25:01
Andy Duncan Ythan CC V 0:25:17
Neil Mosgrove Aberdeen Wheelers S 0:25:18
Mike Giles Ythan CC V 0:25:27
Jean Baptiste Pose Deeside Thistle V 0:25:28
Malcolm Grant Ythan CC S 0:25:29
Gordon Smith Deeside Thistle V 0:25:49
Jayson Weale Aberdeen Wheelers S 0:25:53
Lewis Goodlad – BS Trophy Ythan CC YM 0:25:56
Colin Allanach Ythan CC V 0:26:29
Hamish Cooper Ythan CC YM 0:26:40
Darren Stewart Unattached S 0:26:42
Chris Cooper Ythan CC V 0:26:42[/b
]Ross Hayworth Aberdeen Wheelers V 0:26:54
Jennie McColl 1st lady Aberdeen Wheelers FV 0:27:49
Jill Prabucki Deeside Thistle FV 0:28:15
[b]Tom Sherrington Ythan CC S 0:28:50

Tom Morris Ythan CC JM 0:30:09
Paul Winter Ythan CC V DNS
Dr Andy Kilpartrick Right Move V DNS
Ian Wilson Deeside Thistle V DNS
Bill Bavidge Ythan CC V DNS
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Re: The Bob Souter 10m TT - Results

Postby Chris C » Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:57 pm

Well done to all Ythanites, in particular, Lewis who had an excellent ride - a well deserved handicap win. Thanks to Carol and all the helpers especially Officer In Charge the tea service (hope she reads this :D ).
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Re: The Bob Souter 10m TT - Results

Postby malcolm » Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:01 pm

Many thanks to Carol and everyone for putting on the race this morning. Great rides from Jordan and Lewis but hats off to Simon for an astounding time.

Very disappointed with my own time, mainly caused by another mechnical after my computer sensor came off my fork and started hitting my front wheel. Not sure if John Allan knew why I came to a screeching halt at Ythanbank but any chance of going sub 25 went with having to stop and get the sensor out of the way. Hopefully better things next weekend at Drumoak.
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Re: The Bob Souter 10m TT - Results

Postby scotty1 » Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:47 pm

Well done all that took part sorry couldn't be
there I'm nearly back to full fitness. Just gotta
lose a few pounds.

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Re: The Bob Souter 10m TT - Results

Postby Andy D » Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:40 pm

Nice wee event the Ythanbank 10, nice that it wasn't a monsoon or a hurricane which has been the conditions in the last 2 or 3 editions.

Distinct lack of bike time of late and a long and pretty arduous nightshift meant I didn't have high hopes for a good ride but plugged away and limited the damage to a 25.17, computer told me I had covered 10.2 miles so either the course has been over-measured or I was meandering all over the place - which is quite possible!!

Good field and good event, should fit a couple of these in over the season if we are going t have 30+ riders on the quite interesting course.

Thanks Carol, was well worth putting this on. I take it Lewis won the Bob Souter trophy as 1st on handicap?!? if that is the case, that's excellent and joins a list of illustrious winners (like me!!)
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Re: The Bob Souter 10m TT - Results

Postby smokie » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:28 am

Thanks to Carol, Ythan and all the helpers for making race happen, first time riding this 'interesting' TT course but enjoyed it :D

Sorry I couldn't stay and take advantage of fine looking cakes but family activities meant I had to head off early.

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