ADCA Eve RR No 5 Knockburn

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ADCA Eve RR No 5 Knockburn

Postby malcolm » Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:37 pm

Another toughie at Knockburn. Bigger feld than last week and a biblical downpour just before the start that only seemed to affect the course given the blue skies to the north. Craig, Tony (after several weeks at the bottom of the North Sea) and myself tonight for Ythan on an amended course that consisted of four laps of the normal course then a finish up the Memorial climb a few miles west of the Feughside Inn.

Rain was sideways through the neutralised section although at the speed we were going this week it all seems to be part of the race. As per last week Craig and myself were sitting ok in the bunch along with Tony as we hit the steep climb. Tony got up ok with Craig and myself getting to the top still in contact. Craig held on but I slowed up again and that was it. Great to see Craig hanging on. Rode 3 laps before heading to the showers. Tony did 1 1/2 laps then stopped after feeling his knee hurting. Craig finished, possibly alone as his mum had seen him coming past riding solo but to finish another one is good progress.

I can't do much more on the training time I have available to get round any better but these races have been a lot of fun to do. Again had to head off so not sure who won but thanks to GCRT again. Onwards to Tarves next week
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