Moray Combined 10 - Audrey Gault Memorial 10

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Moray Combined 10 - Audrey Gault Memorial 10

Postby Carol » Sun Jul 21, 2013 4:08 pm

Mike and I went to Forres for the Audrey Gault Memorial 10 on Thursday night. This evening 10 was the 3rd of 4 events in the Moray Combined series and also a new course starting east of Alves on the A96. Having loaded both my road and TT bike in the van, it was my intention to park at the start and cycle the 7 miles to the sign on in the Club Room and back up to the start....but with a high volume of heavy traffic there was no way I was going to ride on that road at 5pm
I quite liked the course which had a great road surface but proved pretty scarey at times with the lorries.
Peter Ettles Snr and Jnr took first and second and Steven Liddle of Ben Wyvis CC won the Audrey Gault Memorial Cup. Mike had a bad chest infection and shouldnt really have riden but having competed in all three events he is now sitting 7th in the overall standings with Ian Grant of Deeside in 3rd position. The 4th and final 10 of the series is on August 15th on the Sherrifston Course.

1 Peter Ettles Sandy Wallace V 0:21:41
2 Peter Ettles Sandy Wallace S 0:22:01
3 Steven Liddle Ben Wyvis CC S 0:22:15
4 Calum Finlayson Forres CC V 0:22:40
5 Kevin Lackie Moray CRT V 0:22:44
6 Gareth Luce Moray CRT S 0:22:59
7 Neil Dawson Sandy Wallace V 0:23:13
8 Paul Black Elgin CC V 0:23:14
9 Mike Gordon Cromarty Firth CC V 0:23:35
10 GarryRussell RAFCC S 0:23:35
11 Ian Grant Deeside Thistle V 0:24:07
12 John Cummings Deeside Thistle 0:24:09
13 Kevin Hardman Elgin CC V V 0:24:17
14 Eric Davidson Moray Firth CC S 0:24:20
15 Ewan McDougall Elgin CC S 0:24:38
16 Peter Robertson Forres CC V 0:24:44
17 Kevan Sturgeon Moray CRT V 0:24:51
18 Michael Giles Ythan CC V 0:25:01
19 Kevin Thomson Moray CRT V 0:25:05
20 Mike Reaper Forres CC V 0:25:06
21 Simon Dewis Elgin CC V 0:25:14
22 Kevin Moir Ross-shire RCC V 0:25:30
23 Mike Seffers Cairngorm CC V 0:25:30
24 Simon Garland Elgin CC S 0:25:52
25 Doug Cowie Forres CC V 0:26:05
26 Scott Grant Forres CC V 0:26:12
27 Peter Forsyth Forres CC V 0:26:13
28 Carol Middleton Ythan CC FV 0:26:47
29 Roy Slingsby Moray Firth CC V 0:27:16
30 Graeme Flett Elgin CC V 0:27:37
31 George Grant Forres CC V 0:27:46
32 Katrina Moir Ross-shire RCC FV 0:27:52
33 Peter McLean Elgin CC V 0:28:12
34 Eric Soane Cromarty Firth CC V 0:28:17
35 Jake Carpenter Forres CC YM 0:28:19
36 Mary Eagleson Ross-shire RCC FV 0:28:26
37 James Owen unattached S 0:28:27
38 Alana Ross Forres CC F 0:29:27
39 Simon Ross Forres CC S 0:29:28
40 Craig Little Forres CC S 0:30:22
41 Gordon McGillivary Forres CC V 0:36:15
42 Ed Rattray Elgin CC V
43 Gavin Clark Ross-shire RCC V
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