Ian Brodie Memorial 10TT Drumoak

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Ian Brodie Memorial 10TT Drumoak

Postby malcolm » Sun Jun 16, 2013 6:08 pm

Via Boabs Braveheart posting

Brilliant sunshine some great rides with plenty of PBs.
Nice to see Aberdeen District star of 2012 [Phil Kelman] out doing his bit for his club

Joe Nicolson's debut win and a lot more to come. Lee Smith just recovered from a nasty flu type bug. Where did that ride come from Lee??
Bob Brown ~~ competitive as usual.
Skener ~ Back on form?? Two great weekends Norm!!

Great organisation by Bill Byth & Co ~ Always a pleasure Bill!!

1 Nicolson, Joe Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 00:22:21
2 Brown, Robert Sandy Wallace Cycles V 00:22:33
3 Smith, Lee Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 00:22:45
4 Skene, Norman Granite City RT V 00:23:00
5 Tandy, Mark Deeside Thistle CC V 00:23:03
6= Blunsdon, John Deeside Thistle CC V 00:23:08
6= McCabe, Brendan Aberdeen Wheelers CC V 00:23:08
8= Watson, Iain Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 00:23:09
8= Quinn, Greg Deeside Thistle CC V 00:23:09
10 Abel, Conan Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 00:23:27
11 Whittle, Chris Deeside Thistle CC S 00:23:32
12 Tree. James Deeside Thistle CC S 00:23:36
13= Nettleton, Keith Deeside Thistle CC V 00:23:37
13= Higgins, Mark Granite City RT V 00:23:37
15 Grant, Malcolm Ythan CC V 00:23:53
16 Coleman, Ronnie Deeside Thistle CC S 0:23:54
17 Tree, Robert Deeside Thistle CC YM 00:24:01
18 Stronach Jordan Ythan CC YM 00:24:06
19 Whyman, James Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 00:24:17
20 Giles, Michael Ythan CC V 00:24:19
21 Ian, Grant Deeside Thistle CC V 00:24:23
22 Stewart, Kevin Deeside Thistle CC V 00:24:26
23 Young, Malcolm Deeside Thistle CC V 00:24:30
24 Sinclair, Ian Deeside Thistle CC V 00:24:38
25 Smith, Gordon Deeside Thistle CC V 00:24:47
26 Pearson, Ashley Deeside Thistle CC F 00:24:48
27 Bavidge, William Ythan CC V 00:24:56
28 Pose, Jean-Baptiste Deeside Thistle CC V 00:25:01
29 Davidson, Mark Deeside Thistle CC V 00:25:26
30 Heady, Mark Aberdeen Wheelers CC V 00:25:37
31 Saunders, Dan Deeside Thistle CC S 00:26:01
32 Bricknell, Bruce Deeside Thistle CC V 00:26:04
33 Cooper, Hamish Ythan CC YM 00:26:14
34 Laing, Jacqueline Deeside Thistle CC FV 00:26:20
35 Hunter, John Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 00:26:22
36 Milne, Kevin Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 00:26:35
37 Duncan, Andy Ythan CC V 00:26:39
38 Middleton, Carol Ythan CC FV 00:26:58
39 Cooper, Chris Ythan CC V 00:27:02

40 Griffiths, Kara Deeside Thistle CC F 00:27:07
41 Watson, Becky Deeside Thistle CC FV 00:28:19
42 Bracegirdle, Fiona Deeside Thistle CC F 00:28:54
43 Tree, Ken Deeside Thistle CC V 00:29:15
44 Machell, Andrew Deeside Thistle CC S 00:30:42
45 Bavidge, Joel Ythan CC YM 00:31:05
46 Thornell, Ellen Deeside Thistle CC FV 00:32:09

Main Awards
1st 2nd 3rd
Ian Brodie Trophy to fastest Deeside Th. Rider ~~ Mark Tandy ~ 23m 3s [5th actual]
Ian Brodie Youth Trophy to fastest Deeside Youth ~~ Robbie Tree ~ 24m 1s
Also overall Youth

Vets on Std
1st Norman Skene Granite City RT ~ 23m 0s [+4.20]
2nd Brendan McCabe Aberdeen Whs CC ~ 23m 8s [[+3.37]
2nd Bob Brown Sandy Wallace Cycles ~ 22m 33s [+ 3.31]

Lady Vet
Carol Middleton Ythan CC ~ 26.58 [+2.11]

1st Joel Bavidge ~ Ythan CC ~ 31.05 [nett 18.47]
2nd Ashley Pearson ~ Deeside Th ~ 24.48 [19.06]
3rd James Whyman ~ Aberdeen Whs CC ~ 24.17 [19.27]

1st ~~ Robbie Tree ~ Deeside Thistle ~ 24.01
2nd ~~ Jordan Stronach ~ Ythan CC ~ 24.06
3rd ~~ Joel Bavidge ~ Ythan CC ~

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Re: Ian Brodie Memorial 10TT Drumoak

Postby malcolm » Sun Jun 16, 2013 6:20 pm

As always a nice event at Drumoak on one of the fastest courses in the North East. First time I've ridden the course with the wind from the east which meant getting to Crathes fast was a priority. Eastbound wasn't as bad as expected but I still had to cut my gearing a few times on the rises which cost me any chance of going lower than my time from September last year but after Thursday's poor effort in the road race, happy with a sub 24.

Next batch of QLs coming through well with PBs and prizes. QL coaches all doing ok too.

Thanks to Bill and all his helpers.
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Re: Ian Brodie Memorial 10TT Drumoak

Postby Andy D » Sun Jun 16, 2013 8:37 pm

Some good rides from Ythan/QL there, well done all. Nice day for it today!

I suffered from 4 races in 7 days (including a road race for the first time in 2 years) and was suffering cramp before I even got to Crathes. Lack of depth in my training means my body just couldn't cope with that stress. Kept plugging away for a bit but had to sit up and didn't race from about 6 or 7 miles out.

Last race for me is the 15 on Wednesday and then away to the Alps for a couple of weeks, looking forward to some more racing when I get back, hopefully with some better form than of late.
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