ADCA Evening RR No 3

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ADCA Evening RR No 3

Postby malcolm » Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:49 pm

Good rides tonight from Andy and Tony, they were both in the bunch with 3 miles to go so assuming they were still there at the finish. Another hard night for Craig but he got round againhaving stayed with the bunch for most of Lap 1. I had a bad night,must have left my legs in Forres two weeks ago, dropped at the smiddy and tootled round one lap myself.

Big bunch coming into the finish and I think I heard that Martin Lonie got the win. Zak in his new colours got another 5th place.
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Re: ADCA Evening RR No 3

Postby Andy D » Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:10 am

My target was to get round in the bunch, as the last time I did a road race I got skittled in a crash and broke my ribs. That was 2 years ago and I haven't done one since. Thought it might be a tall order to get round with no road racing in the legs at all and the fact that I have been going like a bag of spanners for the last few weeks!

As it turned out I never really felt under too much pressure, the uphill sections passed off with little concern and I generally stayed in the middle or back of the bunch, out of trouble. Saw some pretty sketchy riding from a few and thought it best to avoid!

Accidentally nearly formed a break the only time I went near the front as Ali Watt and Mike Spalding with a couple of others had a wee jump and I ended up attached to them but it was not a move that would stick.

Tony French put in a great ride in what was only his 2nd ever Road Race, I believe. He sat in the front 20 riders nearly the whole way round and he held it together well, right up to the finish. I think he was involved in a coming together up the last drag to Echt on the last lap, which caused a near pile up, so I pulled back to the back of the bunch and just watched from a safe distance as we came to the line - I DID NOT WANT TO BE IN A CRASH!!!

Tony finished in the bunch ahead of me and I didn't sprint for the line as such, just pootling up to the line really, although I passed a few as I did so. Probably somewhere in the top 20 or so for Tony and about 30+ for me. Job done.

I know Craig got tailed off at aosme point but as I rode back to the strip I saw him mashing solo towards the finish line. Well done Craig for sticking with it.

Zak was active throughout and was up the road a few times. No chance of getting past his 'namesake' Chipo-Lonie' who took the win but Zak held on well in the final sprint to take 5th.
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Re: ADCA Evening RR No 3

Postby malcolm » Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:25 am

Agree with some of the sketchy riding, it wasn't great at the back. My fault that in the last two evening races I've got myself stuck at the back and had to jump past dropped riders killing my legs in the process but even trying to move up the inside was risky with folk diving about with no hand signals or even a shout.

Well done Tony, nice to know my Ythan top made the top 20!
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Re: ADCA Evening RR No 3

Postby Andy D » Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:44 am

I know these races are for development and I am sure that is what they are doing but I found it frustrating to see people just move out over the white line and move up the bunch by swamping round instead of trying to move through the bunch.

I know that going up the outside is required at times but it didn't help the rather dodgy switching about that I saw quite frequently. That said, there were no crashes and it was helpful for me to get me back road racing again, just not sure when I'll be doing another one with work commitments etc.
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Re: ADCA Evening RR No 3

Postby Andy D » Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:31 pm

Martin Lonie 1
Jack Barrett Velocity 44 Stirling 2
Peter Ettles Sandy Wallace Cycles 3
Michael Henderson Moray Firth Cycling Club 4
Zak Loney Ythan CC 5
Chris Whittle Deeside Thistle CC 6
Tim Mackley Deeside Thistle CC 7
Alister Watt Granite City RT 8
Robert Cowie Aberdeen Wheelers CC 9
Kelvin White Deeside Thistle CC 10
Veli-Matti Raikkonen Granite City RT 11
Douglas Taylor Deeside Thistle CC 12
Neil Anderson Deeside Thistle CC 13
Mark Tandy Deeside Thistle CC 14
David Reed Deeside Thistle CC 15
Robert Brown Sandy Wallace Cycles 16
Laura Murray Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team 17
Andrew Prenelle Icarus Racing 18
Keith Johnston lakeland CC 19
Michael Fletcher Aberdeen Wheelers CC 20
William Crawford Granite City RT 21
Greg Quinn Deeside Thistle CC 22
Tony French Ythan CC 23
Douglas Weir Lomond Roads CC 24
Craig McCulloch Deeside Thistle CC 25
Les Evans Deeside Thistle CC 26
Mona Petrie Deeside Thistle CC 27
Delbert Delaronde Cardiff JIF 28
Cristian Tudorache Granite City RT 29
Fraser MacBeath Moray Firth Cycling Club 30
Steven Bunting Aberdeen Wheelers CC 31
Andy Duncan Ythan CC 32
Dan Saunders Deeside Thistle CC 33
Angus Wilson Dundee Thistle RC 34
Kevin Adam Deeside Thistle CC 35
Jack Richards Deeside Thistle CC 36
Ewan Murray Velocity 44 Stirling 37
Peter Ettles Sandy Wallace Cycles 38
Daniel Whitehead Deeside Thistle CC 39
Kevin Watson Deeside Thistle CC 40
David Anderson Granite City RT 41
Phil Allan Granite City RT 42
Michael Spalding Granite City RT 43
Ronnie Coleman Deeside Thistle CC 44
Conan Abel Aberdeen Wheelers CC 45 (tbc)
Jonathan Anthony Deeside Thistle CC 45 (tbc)
Ross Hayworth Aberdeen Wheelers CC 45 (tbc)
Joe Nicolson Aberdeen Wheelers CC 45 (tbc)
Simon Stromberg Deeside Thistle CC 45 (tbc)
Craig Ward Ythan CC 50
Chloe Fraser Deeside Thistle CC 51
Jean-Baptiste Pose Deeside Thistle CC 52
Jayne Taylor Deeside Thistle CC 53
Sietze Douwe Akkerman Deeside Thistle CC DNF
Malcolm Grant Ythan CC DNF
John O'Donovan Deeside Thistle CC DNF
Kirsty Aitken Deeside Thistle CC DNS
Peter Ellington Deeside Thistle CC DNS
Jonathan Hunter Aberdeen Wheelers CC DNS
Neil Scott Aberdeen University CC DNS
Brian Widdison Moray Firth Cycling Club DNS
Malcolm Young Deeside Thistle CC DNS
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