Allan Bell Weekend- Forres 10TT

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Allan Bell Weekend- Forres 10TT

Postby malcolm » Sat Jun 01, 2013 6:52 pm

Peter Ettles Snr Sandy Wallace CC V 0:21:52
Charles Fletcher Cairngorm CC S 0:22:21
Andy Cowie Moray Firth CC V 0:22:29
Peter Ettles Jnr Sandy Wallace CC S 0:22:30
Wim Chalmet East Sutherland Wheelers V 0:22:40
Dave Harter Forres CC V 0:22:55
Fraser MacBeath Moray Firth CC S 0:23:13
Neil Dawson Sandy Wallace CC V 0:23:15
Gregor Grant Moray Firth CC V 0:23:24
Steven Liddle Ben Wyvis Cycle S 0:23:27
Kevin Lackie Moray Cycle RT V 0:23:31
Thomas Deas Moray Firth CC YM 0:23:36
David Stuart Cromarty Firth CC V 0:23:44
Garry Russell RAFCC S 0:23:53
Anne Murray Moray Firth CC FV 0:24:01
Michael Henderson Moray Firth CC S 0:24:01
Jennifer Taylor Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers F 0:24:25
Roger Sewell Ross-shire RCC V 0:24:27
Hector Nicolson Moray Firth CC V 0:24:33
Tony French Ythan CC S 0:24:36
Mike Gordon Cromarty Firth CC V 0:24:38
Adam Robson Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 0:25:23
Edward Fletcher Cairngorm CC YM 0:25:43
Graham Whyte Moray Firth CC V 0:25:44
Douglas Cowie Forres CC V 0:25:49
Neil Carpenter Forres CC V 0:25:53
George Grant Forres CC V 0:25:57
Peter Forsyth Forres CC V 0:26:43
Alasdair Washinton Caithness CC V 0:26:56
Jake Carpenter Forres CC YM 0:27:33
Roy Slingsby Moray Firth CC V 0:27:37
Mary Eagleson Ross-shire RCC FV 0:28:20
Eric Soane Cromarty Firth CC V 0:28:23
Fergus Dickson Forres CC YM 0:31:17
Craig Little Forres CC S 0:31:35
Angela Bell Forres CC FV 0:32:43
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