All race reports and results featuring Ythan Members


Postby Fiona Fudge » Sun May 26, 2013 2:31 pm

1 Carlos Riise Shetland Wheelers V 0:53:22
2 Robert Brown Sandy Wallace Cycles V 0:55:50
3 Keith Robertson Granite City RT V 0:56:01
4 Alan Mills Sandy Wallace Cycles S 0:56:56
5 Lee Smith Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 0:57:04
6 Jonathan Hunter Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 0:57:33
7 Brian Duncan Granite City RT 0:57:59
8 Brendan McCabe Aberdeen Wheelers CC V 0:58:00
9 Ian Condie Dunfermline CC V 0:58:28
10 Gregg Quinn Deeside Thistle CC V 0:58:30
11 Norman Skene Granite City RT 0:58:54
12 Christine MacLean Shetland Wheelers FV 0:58:59
13 Kevin Watson Deeside Thistle CC S 0:59:10
14 Neil Anderson Deeside Thistle CC V 0:59:34
15 John Blunsden Deeside Thistle CC V 0:59:50
16 Fiona Duncan Ythan CC F 0:59:52
17 Mark Tandy Deeside Thistle CC V 1:00:05
18 Brian Duncan Granite City RT S 1:00:59
19 Ian Grant Deeside Thistle CC V 1:01:26
20 Andy Duncan Ythan CC V 1:02:09
21 Steven Walton Deeside Thistle CC V 1:02:24
22 Anthony French Ythan CC S 1:02:28
23 Malcolm Young Deeside Thistle CC V 1:02:33
24 Gordon Smith Deeside Thistle CC V 1:02:36
25 Jordan Stronach Ythan CC YM 1:03:02
26 Conan Abel Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 1:03:49
27 Colin Sim Aberdeen Wheelers CC V 1:03:51
28 William Bavidge Ythan CC V 1:04:13
29 Robert McGraw Deeside Thistle CC V 1:04:41
30 James Reid Dunfermline CC V 1:04:59
31 Peter Forsyth Forres CC V 1:06:57
32 Simon Stromberg Deeside Thistle CC V 1:06:59
33 Julie Erskine Granite City RT 1:07:57
34 Stewart Mitchell Deeside Thistle CC V 1:09:27
35 Carol Middleton Ythan CC V 1:09:49
35 John Hunter Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 1:10:21
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Postby Colin A » Sun May 26, 2013 3:42 pm

I had to pick rachel up from uni today so couldn't manage to race. But I drove past the race at about 9.30. It seemed at that time all the drivers were giving the racers a wide berth. One thing I did notice though was that rear flashing lights make a huge difference even on a bright day like today.

Well done everyone. What was the wind like?

Going on the Andy/ Colin calculator I did a 1:07ish

May I remind you of that scene
with your arms aloft in Aberdeen
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