Scottish Women's Road Race Championship 2013

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Scottish Women's Road Race Championship 2013

Postby Andy D » Mon May 20, 2013 5:26 pm

Fiona was the sole Ythan representation at the Scottish National Road Race Champs (men's or women's events) and aquitted herself very well on a course which was never going to suit her, with a whopper of a climb coming at the end.

Fiona said the racing was extremely negavtive with the strong Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team employing some questionable tactics throughout (even chasing each other down on one occasion). The pace was pitifully slow at times and again Fiona didn't think that suited her, she would rather it was high speed and a hard day, not a procession to the foot of the Suie climb.

At the recent Gairlochhead Road Race Jenny Taylor (Velo Ecosse) and Julie Erskine (GCRT) rode away from the field on the steep climb on that circuit and the strong team in evidence that day (BCCCT) didn't seem to learn their lesson and watched as the exact same scenario occurred again, although of course this time there was a descent to chase the escapees to the finish, where perhaps the Scottish Cycling backed team thought they could overhaul Jenny and Julie.

Fiona was distanced on the Suie climb, as she expected, from Julie and Jenny but she knew that she could climb the hill at a certain level, from her recce's there and would be able to descend quicker than most due to her high speed tandem based skills. So it was, as Fiona and a similarly larger rider, junior - Louise Borthwick careered after the two breakaways and the remnants of the chasers, Kayliegh Brogan, Jane Barr, Eileen Roe and Laura Murray, along with Jay Burgess and Mona Petrie - the rest of the field now completely blown away over the summit.

Fiona said that the two rider break was catchable but there was a lack of cohesion amongst those chasing, she later learned from speaking to some of the girls afterwards that they simply had blown and couldn't do much, such was the savage hill and those riders pushing themselves into the red rather than delivering the measured effort Fiona put in.

So Julie and Jenny held a 16 second lead to the line with Jenny sneaking the win by a tiny margin to win her the covetted Scottish Road Race title. Julie was a little unlucky really as she had actually got away from Jenny over the top of the Suie but Jenny followed her down the descent and managed to bridge the gap to take the win when it eventually ended with the 2-up sprint.

The chasing bunch were led home by Eileen Roe (Breast Cancer Care), who later looked less than delighted with her bronze medal and perhaps she rued the error of allowing two 'mountain goats' to arrive at the Suie without having been put under much pressure before then.

Mona Petrie from DTCC did brilliantly to cross the line in 4th with Jay Burgess (SWC) 5th and Fiona 6th just behind her, Borthwick (ERC) 7th, before Brogan, Barr and Murray (Breast Cancer Care) rounded off the minor placings with the dribs and drabs of solo riders trickling in minutes after, with nearly all the damage done on that one climb.

1 33 Jennifer Taylor Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers 3rd //// 02:43:32
2 8 Julie Erskine Granite City RT 2nd st

3 26 Eileen Roe Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team 1st /////at 16 seconds

4 24 Mona Petrie Deeside Thistle CC 4th /////st
5 5 Anda-Jay Burgess Sandy Wallace Cycles 2nd ///// st
6 7 Fiona Duncan Ythan CC 3rd ////// st
7 3 Louise Borthwick Edinburgh RC 2nd //////st
8 4 Kayleigh Brogan Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team 2nd /////st
9 2 Jane Barr Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team 3rd ///////st
10 19 Laura Murray Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team 2nd //////st

11 22 Gabriella Nordin Pedal Power RT 2nd ////////01:41
12 18 Toni McIntosh Ayr Roads Cycling Club 4th ///////st

13 25 Penelope Phillips Moray Firth Cycling Club 3rd /////02:08

14 13 Evgenia Ilyinskaya Edinburgh RC 3rd //////02:09

15 32 Polly Tandy Deeside Thistle CC 3rd //////02:38

16 31 Sarah Stephen Stirling Bike Club 3rd //////02:40

17 10 Flora Gillies Team ASL360 2nd ///////03:01
18 30 Jenny Stanning Velocity 44 Stirling 3rd //////st

19 15 Jacqueline Laing Deeside Thistle CC 4th //////03:03

20 34 Lynne Wardrop Ayr Roads Cycling Club 4th ///////03:38

21 23 Ashley Pearson Deeside Thistle CC 3rd /////// 06:34

22 16 Alexa Mair Edinburgh RC 2nd /////////07:47

23 29 Peggy Series Edinburgh RC 3rd //////10:39

24 27 Laura Sarkis Deeside Thistle CC 4th //////11:35
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Re: Scottish Women's Road Race Championship 2013

Postby malcolm » Mon May 20, 2013 9:05 pm

Well done Fiona. And to Julie. Can I also say a huge thanks to all the ladies for their assistance at the briefing yesterday, their attention and questions were appreciated. And if we do it again we will speed up the pipe band, although the track stands were impressive!
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Re: Scottish Women's Road Race Championship 2013

Postby Andy D » Mon May 20, 2013 10:00 pm

Really nice little BLOG entry from Cyclefest and Ellon Crit stalwart Louise Borthwick (Edinburgh Road Club) about her race.

Worth following her exploits here:

Excerpt from Louise's latest BLOG:

So finally race day was here and it was really warm! Unusual for the north of Scotland but not unwelcome at all. I got a good warm up done on the rollers before assembling with all the other women behind the pipe band and Youth D racers on the circuit in the Grampian Transport Museum. What followed was a rather entertaining ride around the circuit as we all followed the pipe band round at walking pace trying not to fall off our bikes! I think it added to the event however and I think it was good for all the youngsters to see what they should be aspiring to in a few years time.

After that we headed out onto the road for a short neutralised section before we were racing. We had one long circuit before we were onto the shorter circuit with the climb on it. The racing on the big circuit was on the whole a bit uneventful, there were some slopes on the far side which the Breast Cancer Care team tried to get away on, pinging one rider after another away off the front, but nothing was sticking. After that it was mainly rolling and downhill for quite a while and the bunch just rolled along, slowly. Infact so slowly that the men, who had started half an hour behind us, caught us up and we had to stop to let them past. After that we had a bit of a climb before we hit the road leading up to the Suie, up here Jen Taylor attacked and the bunch was strung out with riders trying to pull her back, I was really struggling at this point. I had been feeling so nervous and sick before the race I don't think I had eaten enough, and it was telling on my legs, but I took a gel and that got me home. There was nearly a group of 6 of us got away up one of the hills on the road up to the Suie but it didn't stick and again the bunch just rolled along. I think everyone just knew how hard the last hill was going to be so wanted to save something effectively.

Then we hit the climb, pretty much immediately Jen Taylor and Julie Erskine rode off into the distance, seriously impressive riding from those two, I really wish I could climb like that! I tried to hold onto the wheels in front but was really really struggling, about half way up I was in 10th position, with everyone fairly spaced out, but going backwards. Luckily though Fiona Duncan came up beside me and offered a few words of encouragement, she paced me up the last bit of the climb, we managed to limit our losses and had the group of 6 in front of us insight. We pushed on down the descent and worked really well on the next part to make it up to the group in front. We were now competing for the final spot on the podium but my legs were seriously feeling it by now. Up the finishing straight and Eileen Roe went on the left hand side and I knew the sprint was about to start but it was just like screaming pain in my legs so I only managed 5th in our group and 7th overall. But wow was I happy with that. To finish that demanding a race in that company was really incredible, all the women in that group of 8 were super strong, no one could just hide away and get a free ride to the finish, you had to be strong to get there. So yeah it felt a bit like finishing a stage of the tour de france with the favourites. Buzzing, as Gavin would say.

Finishing in 7th meant I took the Junior Women's Title, and it was really nice to get presented with a jersey and medal with the other winners and receive a prize, because I feel sometimes people forget that junior women are having to compete with elite women from the moment they move out of youth categories and rarely is a junior prize awarded, so I would really like to thank the organiser for leading the way in that respect and putting on a great race. Also big congrats to Jen Taylor for taking the win in what I hear was a very close sprint with Julie Erskine. Thanks very much to Fiona Duncan for getting me up the last bit of the climb and working hard to get back on the group in front.
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