Morlich Homes 10 - Sheriffston 06/04/2013

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Morlich Homes 10 - Sheriffston 06/04/2013

Postby Andy D » Sat Apr 06, 2013 3:18 pm

Very cold on a notoriously tough course due to the undulating and twisty road but always a well organised and friendly set up, so a great way to start the snow delayed racing season for 2013.

Myself, Mike Giles and Carol Middleton made the journey for Ythan and Adam Robson (former Ythan man donned some garish acne coloured kit for a wee race out as well)

Carol scooped first 'D' category rider with her 29.40, as this race had been 'classified' into A,B,C and D categories based on PB's.

Mike Giles on his funcy new sky blue rocket supplied by Planet X put in a very decent ride on what was a tough day, notching up 25.35, 1st place in the 'C' category and 12th overall, well done Mike, one to watch for 2013, I think.

I set off at a pace which had me believing a long '23' might be on the cards but that evaporated at the interminably long run through the trees to the turn, the anticipated tailwind home never materialised either so I settled for mashing the pedals as hard as I could on the off chance of doing something like a decent ride. The effort had me spewing after the line, so I know I gave it as much as I could. 24.55 for me, nothing startling but only a minute or so behind the winners, so I had to be pleased with that.


1) Jim Trevor Hull Thursday RC 23.39
2 eq.) Paul Black Elgin CC 23.43
2) eq.) Tom Evans Ben Wyvis CC 23.43
4) Charles Fletcher Cairngorm CC 24.03
5) Andy Duncan Ythan CC 24.55

6) Mark Higgins Granite City RT 24.57
7) Alan McCaffrey Ross Shire Roads CC 25.11
8) Ian Grant Deeside Thistle CC 25.23
9) Kevin Hardman Elgin CC 25.26
10) Mike Reaper Forres CC 25.28

11) Peter H Robertson Forres CC 25.34
12) Mike Giles Ythan CC 25.35
13) Eric Davidson Moray Firth CC 25.46
14) Derek Stewart Deeside Thistle CC 25.53
15) Douglas Cowie Forres CC 26.34

16) Mark Houliston Elgin CC 26.39
17) Edward Fletcher Cairngorm CC 26.51
18) Simon Dewes Elgin CC 26.52
19) John Cummings Deeside Thistle CC 26.54
20) Scott Grant Forres CC 27.03

21) Phil Hendry Elgin CC 27.11
22) George Grant Forres CC 27.13
23) Adam Robson Aberdeen Wheelers 27.18
24) Mike Seffers Cairngorm CC 27.25
25) Steve Lilleyman Unattached 28.34
26) Carol Middleton Deeside Thistle CC 29.40
27) Felix Lilleyman Unattached 30.35
28) Eric Soane Cromarty Firth CC 30.37
29) Lewis MacFarlane East Sutherland Whs 30.38
30) Rona Strivens Cairngorm CC 33.55
31) Craig Little Forres CC 33.57

Dave Harter Forres CC DNS
Finlay Strivens Cairngorm CC DNS
Henry Blake Ross Shire Roads CC DNS
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