South West Scotland TTT Saturday 2 March 2013

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South West Scotland TTT Saturday 2 March 2013

Postby The Loneys » Mon Mar 04, 2013 6:24 pm

Great Result for Zak in the 2013 South West Scotland Cycling Project Team Time Trial on Saturday in Kirkpatrick Durham. Despite Zak just coming down with a nasty cold and Hector having to stop to deal with a snapped spoke they still managed an overall 2nd.

Finish sheet as below and link to write up here ... -Project-0

1st 67 Tommy Lockhart
68 Chris Stewart Classic RT Sen/Vet 31:46
69 John Patterson

2nd 58 Hector Lancaster
59 Fraser Martin Perth United / Ythan CC Junior 32:42
60 Zak Loney Male

3rd 61 Gavin Shuttleworth
62 Cameron Balfour Team ASL360 Junior 32:57
63 Aidan Quinn Male 15” late start + 1 min penalty

4th 52 Rob Nicholson
53 Jamie Little Classic RT Sen/Vet 33:29
54 John Sturgeon

5th 40 Steve McCreadie
41 Andrew Young Classic RT Sen/Vet 33:33
42 Robert McCauley

6th 46 Andrew Taylor
47 Mike Readshaw Dumfries CC Sen/Vet 34:29
48 Brian Young

7th 22 Edd Shackley
23 Andy Stewart Glasgow Riderz Coaches Sen/Vet 34:41
24 Kenny Morrice

8th 55 Henry Parnell (youth)
56 Hamish Carrick Team ASL360 Junior 34:42
57 Sean Noon Male

9th 64 Ross Green Stewartry Wheelers Sen/Vet 34:51
65 Gus Gillies Bicycleworks

10th 49 Dave Mitchell
50 Paul Mcqueen Annan 2010 Sen/Vet 34:59
51 Brian Elliott

11th 43 Jason Sinden
44 James Anderson Stewartry Wheelers Sen/Vet 35:44
45 TBC

12th 37 Neil McConnell
38 Stewart Henderson Stewartry Wheelers Sen/Vet 36:51
39 Guy Wight

13th 16 Calum Shackley
17 Innes Johnston Glasgow Riderz Youth 37:13
18 Lewis Stewart Male

14th 34 Louise Borthwick
35 Flora Gillies ERC / Team ASL360 Junior 37:34
36 Female

15th 1 Stuart Adamson
2 Hamish Adamson Stewartry Wheelers Sen/Vet 40:11
3 Bruce Swanson

16th 19 Lewis Martin
20 Adam Burgoyne Stewartry Wheelers Youth 41:26
21 Calum Wrathall Male

17th 28 Daniel Walpole
29 Adrian Armstrong Annan Youth CC Youth 41:52
30 William McCartney Male

18th 4 Laurie Adamson
5 Fiona Thompson Stewartry Wheelers Youth 43:10
6 Elidh Thompson Female

19th 10 Cameron Oliver
11 Megan Heuchan Stewartry Wheelers Youth 43:25
12 Polly Henderson Mixed

20th 31 Toni Mccartney
32 Melanie Martin AYCC / Stewartry Whls Female 43:31
33 Mhari Duff

21st 73 Scott Pitkeathly
74 Adam Mitchell Hardrock CC Sen/Vet 43:35
75 Graham Watson

22nd 7 Zoe Gaham
8 Josh Nicholson Annan Youth CC Youth 48:56
9 Owen Morris Mixed

23rd 25 Jennifer Oliver
26 Hannah McAndrew Stewartry Wheelers Female 50:54
27 Eileen Wilson

24th 13 Eve Irving
14 Kayleigh Proudfoot Annan Youth CC Youth 53:20
15 Victoria Graham Female

70 Tom Arnstein
71 Mark Stewart Team ASL360 Junior DNF
72 Dan Gardner Male
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Re: South West Scotland TTT Saturday 2 March 2013

Postby megamouth » Tue Mar 05, 2013 3:06 pm

Well done Zak. Shame about the cold and broken spoke.
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Re: South West Scotland TTT Saturday 2 March 2013

Postby The Loneys » Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:47 pm

Race report.
Saturday saw my first time trial of the season albeit a team time trial that would see us complete lap of a 20km circuit around Dumfries. We had a team of 3 consisting of two riders from Perth United, Fraser Martin and Hector Lancaster and myself. We were to be one on the last teams with 75 riders starting the race.

I thought I was coming down with a viral infection on Friday and felt pretty tired - my resting heart rate is normally in the 40's and it was 80 on Friday morning, so I wasn't expecting much performance wise.

With me feeling as bad as I did, it wasn’t looking good, as we lined up on the start line, after a 20 min warm up I wasn’t feeling too good but the whistle soon blew for us to start. Fraser set off a crazy pace taking me by surprise and nearly dropped me right at the start, I was soon back on and we continued down the road at quite a high pace. Soon it was my turn on the front and I quickly realised the effect of my illness, the speed was there but I had no endurance I gritted my teeth and stuck in on the front. I managed about 45 seconds on the front then swung off to rejoin at the back for a bit of recovery.

Unfortunately were now at the bottom of the first big climb which meant I still wouldn’t get my recovery as I’d have to fight up the hill. By the time it was my turn again we had reached the top of the hill and I was to begin the descent which meant I could put on some speed and we were soon thundering down the descent at an impressive speed but once again my illness was slowing me down and I was soon off the front, luckily because this was the descent I was now able to get a bit of recovery time on the back.

Now half way through we were making great time with each one of us all giving our all when disaster struck. We heard from the back a twanging noise, a noise we all new was a snapped spoke. It was Hector, the spoke was spinning round hitting him frame with every revolution he would have to stop. Fraser continued hard on the front as we decided to go on without him as there was nothing we could do, and then oddly 30 seconds later he caught up. The broken spoke had tangled up with the rest and was now rideable again so we had our third man back but for how long?

My chest by this time was in agony, screaming at me to stop, my illness was now really affecting me unfortunately it was my turn on the front and it would take me to the bottom of the final climb. I reached the bottom of the climb, a long 2 mile drag with a steep sharp start, and pulled off, unfortunately Hector kicked through accelerating too quick and still tired from my turn he was dropping me I gave a quick shout and he slowed up just enough to let me get back on. I shouted OK and we were soon back up to pace.

Then all we heard was bang, bang, bang as Hectors spoke had come loose again this time it had not fixed itself we would have to stop. Hoping we would could finish with just two we carried on as we could not afford to stop for Hector.

We could now see the team ahead we had nearly caught them; this spurred us on for the final few metres as we powered across the line. As we were cooling down amazingly just as we turned round we saw Hector riding up behind us, he’d managed to fix his spoke and continue on his own. Now we just had to find out how we had done. It was a tense wait for the results.

As it turned out we were came out with an overall second with a time of 32:42 for 20km, which was an impressive finish considering what went wrong and how bad I was feeling. It all puts me in good stead for the season ahead.

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Re: South West Scotland TTT Saturday 2 March 2013

Postby megamouth » Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:50 am

Well done Zak - need to be carefull about riding when you're not well though. Sometimes you'll get away with it - sometimes it'll bite you on the bum quite badly. Good to see you using your resting heart rate to pre-judge that you might be coming down with a bug. I've laboured the point a bit with older QLs and the resting heart rate charts I've given them, but I'm not sure any of them are using the charts yet - might be good if you had a word with them about it too next time youre in town.
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