And so the race season begins!!!

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And so the race season begins!!!

Postby The Loneys » Sun Feb 24, 2013 10:33 pm

"Race to the Spring"

The race was on a purpose built closed circuit track at the Marsh Tracks Rhyl.

The race was open to Elite and Cat 1,2 and 3. A field of about twenty lined up. The circuit was a flat but meandering 1.3km, the race was 1hr plus 5 laps.

We had all four seasons in the half hour leading up to the start of the race with heavy snow falling as we lined up.
I was unsure as to how the race was going to pan out as it was my first race with all Cats.

The race started at a steady pace, with about two laps gone one of the Cat 1 riders made a break. I was sat deep in the peloton and couldn't respond. He was to stay away for the rest of the race!
For the next half hour no one was prepared to put in a chase. Then a Welsh rider went for it and caught the lead rider. They worked together and the gap started to grow. Still no one wanted to chase.
I decided to test my legs and broke from the peloton. The peloton chased me down then promptly sat up. I went again they chased me down, three times in all. I was getting frustrated as there was no real effort to chase down the leaders. Just me!! :evil:
I settled into the peloton and let them take me round for a few laps.
When the shout came out 5 laps remaining a couple of guys tried to make the jump. Meanwhile the Welsh rider who had made the first jump to the lead rider blew Big Style and just went out the back. The other chasers started to blow.
With two laps to go the lead rider was holding on and a second rider was somewhere in between the lead rider and peleton. This meant we were racing for third. The final lap bell rang, the peloton didn't react, we came into the last 500m with two sweeping bends. I took the lead into the first of the two bends and promptly accelerated hard into the 100m preceeding the final bend I carried my speed through the corner and the gap was made. The final 200m sprint was on. I used the gap I had made and gritted my teeth, pleased to be on my new junior gears. I glanced back to see the peloton charging, led by the bright lime green of Team Champion System riders. They were too late, I was too far ahead and took third! :o
A great start to the season. Nothing like out sprinting a handful of Cat 1s!!! :D
The Loneys
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Re: And so the race season begins!!!

Postby megamouth » Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:41 pm

Well done Zak, great to hear. :D
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