Sherifston 10

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Sherifston 10

Postby John Hunter » Sun Apr 18, 2010 1:28 pm

Just back in the wee hoose after cleaning the bike.

Heres all my excuses before someone posts up the times for today....

1 - It was windy, I dont do windy days
2 - I had Stovies for my pre race meal (heavy heavy heavy)
3 - almost crashed on the way to the start and gashed knee, applied duct tape to stop the claret escaping too much. Slid on the mud and just about stayed up right but hit top of knee on edge on handlebars, had to go back to the car and patch up. I was ok on the way out, but stuggled on the way back to get any pavce up as my knee was giving me shooting pains when I pedaled hard, so had to keep the power down.... frustrating to finish a race and still have energy left.

Heres hoping that all will go better next weekend, excuses apart, I felt leaden today, just had no go in my legs. And my head wasnt where it was last weekend, far from it.

Notable ride of the day for me was Liam, another PB and not at all a day to expect a PB, well done lad... :D

Ta to the organisers and to those who brought all the cake!
"no longer the wrong bike, no longer almost the right bike, now the right bike!!"
John Hunter
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Re: Sherifston 10

Postby Col » Sun Apr 18, 2010 2:55 pm

Here you go gang, freshly nicked fae Braveheart Forum ;)
Number, Name, Club, Cat, Time
55, Peter Ettles, Sandy Wallace Cycles, V46, 21:45
35, Peter Alexander, Moray Firth CC, S, 22:38
45, Kyle Gordon, Sandy Wallace Cycles, S, 22:44
25, Ian Humphreys, Deeside Thistle CC, V56, 22:52
4, Colin Duncan, Ythan CC, S, 22:54
41, Matthew Powell, Forres CC, S, 23:14
15, Wim Chalmet, Sandy Wallace Cycles, S, 23:20
20, Paul Black, Elgin CC, V41, 23:30
30, Norman Skene, Granite City RT, V54, 23:34
40, Mari Todd, Sandy Wallace Cycles, F, 23:35
10, Kevin Lackie, Elgin CC, V47, 23:39
49, Andy Cowie, Moray Firth CC, V43, 23:47
47, Jim McLoughlin, Forres CC, V43, 23:52
5, Steve Argo, Ythan CC, V46, 24:08
6, Ewan McDougal, Elgin CC, S, 24:13
53, Kenny Philpot, Elgin CC, V45, 24:18
7, Andrew Martin, Square Wheels, S, 24:23
51, Sean Monaghan, Granite City RT, V42, 24:28
29, Gregor Grant, Square Wheels, V52, 24:28
39, Andy Duncan, Ythan CC, S, 24:49
54, Martin Pearson, RAF, S, 24:52
11, Alasdair McGill, Deeside Thistle CC, V40, 25:01
33, Fiona Duncan, Ythan CC, F, 25:02
37, Kevan Sturgeon, Elgin CC, V47, 25:16
31, Hector Nicolson, Moray Firth CC, V54, 25:21
17, Charles Fletcher, Cairngorm CC, J, 25:34
21, Terry Christie, Elgin CC, S, 25:41
24, Mike Gordon, Cromarty Firth CC, V52, 26:14
13, David McIntosh, Ythan CC, V46, 26:24
38, Iain Cruickshank, Elgin CC, V51, 26:27
16, Peter Robertson, Forres CC, V69, 26:46
32, Anne Murray, Square Wheels, V41F, 27:23
19, Jenni Nicholson, Deeside Thistle CC, V55F, 27:40
28, Carol Middleton, Ythan CC, V50F, 27:51
36, George Grant, Forres CC, V64, 27:57
48, Kevin Thomson, Elgin CC, V42, 28:04
42, John Hunter, Ythan CC, S, 28:05
23, Hamish Aitchison, Ross-Shire Roads CC, V56, 28:07
34, Mary Eagleson, Ross-Shire Roads CC, V54F, 28:31
18, Frankie Barron, Elgin CC, V46, 28:39
44, Keith Eagleson, Ross-Shire Roads CC, V53, 29:04
46, Peter McLean, Elgin CC, V54, 29:05
9, Hamish Hughson, RAF, S, 29:29
22, Chantelle Clarke, Deeside Thistle CC, F, 29:40
50, Roy Slingsby, Unattached, V70, 29:53
14, Laura Gunn, Forres CC, YF, 30:34
12, Kate Finlayson, Forres CC, YF, 31:19
52, Neil Lamond-Lowson, Unattached, V46, 32:04
8, Liam Monaghan, Ythan CC, YF, 33:35
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Re: Sherifston 10

Postby John Hunter » Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:13 pm

Ta Col

Knee Swollen up now :( sulk
"no longer the wrong bike, no longer almost the right bike, now the right bike!!"
John Hunter
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