Chancers APR Grangemouth 05/04/10

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Chancers APR Grangemouth 05/04/10

Postby malcolm » Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:43 pm

Got my first race finish of the season today at Grangemouth at the Chancers 50 mile APR.

Based on five circuits of a 10mile course its mainly flat with a couple of rises at the flyovers that cross the motorway. I was off in group 3 of 5. I haven't got a clue who was there as there was no start sheet but I did see Ewan and Laura Murray, Calum Cowie and George F at the strip at the finish.

Ali McGill rode this last year and the weather was crap. Q today and it was just the same, heavy rain and a strong southerly wind but given what Chris and Veli were facing in Dumfries there was nothing to complain about.

My group started off quickly and on my first turn my speedo was at 34mph at which I realised I had a gap of about twenty metres from the group! Maybe after 49 miles that would have been ok but not after 2 so it was brakes on. We bolted round the first two laps covering the first 25 in just over 60mins but on the third lap the group lost its coherance and the speed went up and down. Andy will recall a certain rider who likes to sit in and tell everyone what to do and it was like a deja vu of the Ythan APR a few years back. Pointless sitting in in you want to improve and combined with the wind he was a hazard when everyone tried to take their turn.

At 36 miles the scratch group caught us with several 1st Cats and Davie Lines of Endura. The speed went up and along with a couple of others I got tailed off. The wind made getting back on impossible but about 10 of us ploughed on to the start of the last lap, the lead group about 45seconds ahead. I managed to hang on until the start of the last lap but got dropped on the flyover. That meant a solo 10 mile effort to the finish (52miles as it turns out) and I got there in 2hrs 16mins. Given how I got on at Gifford and last weekend at the DL, today was a good day, bit dissapointed I couldn't have stayed with the second group for the last lap but I can't recall the last time I rode as quick over that distance.

Haven't got a clue who won or exactly how the other ADCA riders did other than Ewan, who we caught at the end of lap 2 but he couldn't hold on and Callum who we caught at the end of lap 1. I didn't see him again so not sure what happened. George and Laura were off in the earlier groups, Ewan thought that Laura was 2nd Lady.

Next up is a couple of confineds then the Culloden APR

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Re: Chancers APR Grangemouth 05/04/10

Postby amcgill69 » Tue Apr 06, 2010 7:33 am

Good effort Malcolm! It's a parcours that suits "rouleurs" like you & me better than thise skinny wee buggers that go uphill fast! You had exactly the same experience as me - pace was fast but provided you can hold a wheel then you can hang on until the cavalry arrives. Then all hell brakes loose!

What I do notice when riding down south is how lucky we are up here. We have great facilities, cameraderie, and most importantly tea/coffee & cakes! None of that when I've been down in the central belt.

You going back down for the May Day Gallup? Same course I think.

Davie Lines won btw
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Re: Chancers APR Grangemouth 05/04/10

Postby malcolm » Tue Apr 06, 2010 8:10 am

Thats the plan at the moment, I've entered but if my training is ok then I will be riding the Forres 10 then Peter's APR and probably miss the May Day one.

It is very laid back down south, think most of their courses and races have a fair history. As they have so many races and riders it can seem very different to up here where everyone knows everyone The riders are more organised in the central belt though and more of them take a turn, unlike up here where it lands up with a few doing the work or others thinking that attacking their own group is somehow beneficial. I didn't hang about so that I could get up the road but I couldn't see anything that compared to the post race feeds at Forres or Garlogie etc

It served its purpose for me as a fitness test. I did wonder if DL had won (off nightshift as well!), thought we did not bad holding them off as long as we did.
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