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North West Youth Tour 27-30 May

PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:57 pm
by The Loneys
Zak has entered this 3 day event along with 3 other Scottish Youth A boys. Just got the race programme through and he's looking forward to it.

Any tips, race strategy or training tips, gratefully received.

CDNW Youth Tour Race Programme
Saturday 28th May – Blackpool Sea Front – Bispham/Norbreck
11.20am Prologue TT Youth A 1.25miles 2km
4.15pm Youth A Boys 28 laps 35miles 56.3km

Sunday 29th May – Salt Ayre Sports Centre
12.30am Youth A Boys 18 laps 18miles 29km
4.30pm Youth A Boys 18 laps 18miles 29km

Monday 30th May – Preston Sports Arena
10am Youth A Boys 30 laps 30miles 48km


Re: North West Youth Tour 27-30 May

PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:22 pm
by Andy D
great stuff. Treat the prologue like any TT, good warm up then full gas for the distance, don't hold back and you might win it! The stages will probably be like the bunch races Zak has done already. To have a chance he needs to stay near the front but out of the wind and not on the front, conserve energy unless absolutely necessary.

Re: North West Youth Tour 27-30 May

PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2011 7:31 pm
by John Hunter
the first stage and TT will be pan flat, but its always windy on the front in places, watch out for gusts from between buidlings etc. But if Zak can get his head down and push hard hes a good chance. As Andy says, for the rest keep out of the wind.

Great to see Kids racing in my homeland

If Karl or Claire get bored, hire a yellow bike and see if you can get under 30 mins for a 10 mile stretch of the front... its doable.... just :twisted:

Re: North West Youth Tour 27-30 May

PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:06 pm
by malcolm
The North West of England means a different level of rider regardless of age so I would expect this to be a fairly rapid event. Senior Scottish riders find it hard to get results when they head south to road race. Andy is right about the prologue but the road stages will be fast. Some of the English schoolboys can ride low 22s for 10 miles albeit that doesn't always duplicate in a RR. Although Zak has raced Skinny Tyres this will be a new experience and the aim should be to get bunch finishes and anything more than that is a bonus. Because they are circuit races the key is to be in the front half of the bunch so that the corners don't mean too many sprints to catch up. Also time to practice drinking from his bottle when riding at speed. May could be hot and at least one 500ml bottle would be needed for the 30mile stage.

And I would think there will be a pit service area, if he punctures make sure he knows to put it into his top gear on the rear cassette so that the wheel comes straight out. Verbals in the bunch are also important, good clear shouts to move up the bunch and if he tries an attack always hit them with another attack after getting the initial gap as the bunch will stall a little bit whilst they make up their mind. I would enjoy the experience and take it all in.

Re: North West Youth Tour 27-30 May

PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 8:03 pm
by The Loneys
Hi all sorry for the late posting on this one its been a bit hectic since we've come back from England.

Zak enjoyed his first experience at a Youth Tour and despite the typical English Bank Holiday weather of wind and rain had a great 3 days.

The first day in Blackpool saw a 1.25 mile TT followed by a 35 mile crit race along the seafront where the riders were battered by a brutal wind. Zak was first off for the TT, got a bit lost at the turnround and lost valuable seconds (lesson learned there he rode the courses after that goof). Put him on the back foot for the next couple of stages until he regained his confidence.

The second day in Lancaster was the better of the 3 days and whilst still very windy the sun did come out for a while for the two 2 18 mile curcuit races. The purpose built cycling circuit was great to ride on just what we need up here in Aberdeenshire!

The third day at Preston was 30 miles of riding in the rain but again on a great purpose built circuit. Thought Zak was dirty after the race around White Cow Woods, but he was worse that that after mixing it with the bunch for 30 miles.

It was a steep learning curve for Zak but as one of the few Year 1 Youth A riders he certainly did well and came out with lots of areas to develop. It was good to see Zak mixing it with the Belgium and Czec National Teams as well as the best from all over England. Zak now needs to build upon his endurance base, it was a tough 3 days serious riding for him. We got the recovery and nutrition right with freshish legs the day after and no feeling sick whilst riding this time!

He also needs to work on his bunch skills. We've brought up far too polite a boy! After they gridded the top riders it was hard for Zak to keep on their tails, lots of pushing and shoving by the bigger lads saw Zak starting near the back of the bunch where once they're away sprinting you're always playing catch-up. Once he was in a bunch he was good to stay in there with them and I saw some great team work and heard some great comms between riders too.
The link below shows the results if you're interested.

Altogether out of 81 starters Zak finished 70th place in general classification, his best stage placing was 60th, which is fantastic in an International field and considering Zak has had a road bike for less than 12 months.

I would just like to say thanks to all of you that have encouraged, mentored and coached Zak to acheiving what he's done so far and there's more to come out of the lad too.

Re: North West Youth Tour 27-30 May

PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:16 pm
by Andy D
Best way for Zak to learn and as long as he takes something from it the result doesn't matter too much at this stage in his racing career - the wins can come later when he gets bigger and stronger.

To his credit that he battled on and finished a tough event with a strong field - good on Zak, never easy of you are oot the back to keep going, but worthwhile in a stage race.