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The CDNE Summer Series Round 2 Middlesborough

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 4:25 pm
by The Loneys
News just in from Zak at the Middlesborough Circuit races.

Youth Eliminator 1st
Youth Scratch 1st
Cat 3/4 Scratch 3rd
Cat E1/2/3/4 Eliminator 6th (27mph average speed!)

Unlike some other Youth riders, both this week and last week, Zak did not enter the Cat 4 Race only, he thought it morally wrong so he went in the Cat 3 and above races.

Zak is now well and truely cream crackered. But an excellent days racing for him. His first opportunity with his dispensation card to ride in the mens races as well as the Youth! Race reports to follow............


Re: The CDNE Summer Series Round 2 Middlesborough

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:54 pm
by Andy D
Great stuff, lots of rest in between to get the best out of these efforts in terms of training effect. Nice and easy spinning/easy cadence work.

Good effect on the mind already in the bag!! Well done.

Re: The CDNE Summer Series Round 2 Middlesborough

PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:43 pm
by The Loneys
Four races!! One day!!!

Race One- Youth Eliminator
Thirty plus riders lined up for this one ranging from Youth A to D. The race started with Blackhawk rider Marcus Smith acting as the derny, keeping the younger riders in the chase. Once the pack had been whittled down the control rider peeled off. Throughout the race Zak held front man diving into the hairpin that led to the sprint staight. His cornering skill allowing him to control the eliminator sprint. Three riders on separate occasions would fall foul of this corner (ouch)
When it came to the last lap and three riders remaining, Zak went full bore into the hairpin, rider two went down and rider three lost his nerve and stood his bike up. Zak claimed the victory.

Race Two - Youth Scratch
After some very heavy rain and a change of tyres the Youths lined up. There were quite a few fresh faces with fresh legs for this race. This was quite an uneventful race with the peloton pulling back any break-aways. Zak tried to hide a bit in this race knowing he was going staight into the Cat3/4 race. When the last lap bell rang Rory Mellis of Discovery Juniors made a bid for glory and got 100yds on the peloton. The peloton gave chase. At Middlesborough, the track disappears down a hill into trees rounds two 45 degree corners then climbs back to the final easy bend, where the riders reappear and finally a 200yd sprint to the line. Zak disappeared in about fifth place. When the riders reappeared Zak had taken a good 20yds out of the chasing peloton and cruised to victory number two.

Race Three - Cat 3/4 Scratch - 35 plus riders
No time for a rest. One cool down lap and then into the pits. Number changed, gel swallowed, drink swapped and glasses wiped then onto start line. Straight from the off riders were pinging off the front with Zak doing his fair share of chasing down. Even though there were lots of breaks Zak kept his cool. Into the final lap the entire peloton had come together, a lone rider made a break and was doing a good job of it. With half a kilometre to go the peloton took off and the mass disappeared into the dipping corners with Zak lying in about tenth. The fans waiting in anticipation. The first two riders appeared then Zak in third with what looked like the entire peloton on his back wheel. Then I saw something I've never seen before. Zak's race face!!! The last 200yd sprint was full on. As four riders came to the line Zak was on the limit of his Youth gears and was wringing every last mph he could out of his bike, but with a well drilled lunge Zak took third. Phew!!! The cool down lap was followed by an adult scramble to the commisaire to look at the slow-mo to see who was third. Sorry guys Zak had it!!

Race Four - Big Eliminator Elite/Cat 1,2,3,4
After a 10min break, sixteen riders lined up for this one. Zak looked dwarfed by some of these riders. The pace of this race was hot. Zak, now getting tired had to use all of his prior knowledge of the corners, which were now wet. Again he kept darting up the inside of the tight hairpin, ignoring the race line just to get the jump on the big guys. This worked admirally for ten rounds but the poor lad was now running on empty and finally sat up in sixth place.

We had a fantastic day of racing. Zak wore the Ythan kit with pride this day.
If there any QL's reading this, LUNGE every time you cross the line, even if you're not first, because one day you will be!!


Re: The CDNE Summer Series Round 2 Middlesborough

PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:37 pm
by Andy D
Good results and very impressive 3rd place in the 3rd/4th Cat race.

Getting up in front of so many adults when Zak is only on Youth gears is a great result.