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Solihull CC Bob Maitland National Youth Races

PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2012 3:59 pm
by The Loneys
Thats another National Circuit Race Zak was not selected for.

The following message has been sent to you by the organiser of Solihull CC Bob Maitland National Youth Races 24/06/2012
Hello everyone. Thanks for registering your application for the Solihull CC National youth series event on the 24th June.
As you may be aware, We were heavily oversubscribed with entries for the Youth A boys race.
The quality of the entries for ALL competitors was outstanding.
I have had to follow BC guidelines for the selection criteria which means that riders receiving this email have not been awarded a place on the starting line on the 24th June.
I realise this must be very disappointing to you and I am very sorry to have to let you down but there is a field size limit that we can't exceed.

I hope you will understand this hasn't been easy and I wish you well with the rest of the series.

Zak has spent the last week in England picking up points. He gained another 8 points putting him in 69th place in the National Ranks (until the last race organisers update the rankings where he will move up to 53rd place - but still not good - not enough points to get selected for national races. I can see this seasons National Races slipping away as we just can't compete with the number of races that the English guys have available to them to pick up points.

Re: Solihull CC Bob Maitland National Youth Races

PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2012 7:44 pm
by malcolm

You should email your concerns direct to Janette H at Scottish Cycling and also the SC President. Up to SC to argue the case at National Level so that Scottish youths don't continue to be disadvantaged

Re: Solihull CC Bob Maitland National Youth Races

PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2012 8:03 pm
by The Loneys
Thanks Malcolm - I will do that - maybe too late for Zak but feel for the other Youth's following on from Zak. There didn't seem to be this problem last year with Zak getting in these races, so I can see it getting worse as more youths (especially boys) get into cycling.

We are severely disadvantaged up here north of Aberdeen, but how much of it is our own doing as we just are not putting on the Youth events like the other regions of the UK and there are certainly no weekly Youth or Adult Crit leagues like there are in England (the nearest to it is the Caird Park Track League). It is these leagues that the English guys are gaining their runaway point tally as they start in the Youth A then when they have got 15 points apply for dispensation when they can ride up and then the real points accumulate ie 10 points for a win! Instead of 3 points for a Youth win

Even some of the Youth Skinny Tyres events have been organised on a Thursday night with a 18:30 start. No chance of Zak getting there either.

I've been told that the Juniors will be well over subscribed too next year, so it will be the same again next year. Sometimes wish we never moved from North Wales at least there would have been loads of races within 2 hours travelling time!