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North West International Youth Tour 2012 2-4 June

PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2012 9:08 pm
by The Loneys
Is it a good thing or is it a bad thing that this year this event is over subscribed!I guess it means that we are doing the right thing in getting Youths into cycling.

But where does that leave us up here in the far North of Scotland when we have to contend with from the organiser.....

Hi All,
The Youth A boys entries are now closed and the process of selection of the 80 rider field is under way.

i. Riders who have scored points in this year’s National Series.
ii. Entrants taken in order of preference based on their position in the BC National Rankings as of the
entry closing date.
iii. Riders holding licenses in the name of the promoting club.
iv. Riders who reside in the BC region of the promoting club.
I hope those who do not get a ride will not be too disappointed and we are planning to be able to take larger fields for 2013.

Meanwhile, for those who have not been able to acquire points or those who have won points which have not been allocated by the race organisers, push your Region / local Officials to try and put more on. Of course, this may mean that parents and guardians become more involved in that sphere.

Considering there have been no races up here in Scotland in which Zak can gain national ranking points yet this year its very disappointing that Zak has not gained an entry. Many of the ERC riders who knew that this was coming spent Easter going down South to get points I wonder if they have been accepted in the Tour? Many of the English riders have spent all year riding in cat 4 races (which apparently is ok in England and very much a no no in Scotland so where's the level playing field there?) and gaining masses of points. :evil:

Well if this is the way its going to be with every National race being over subscribed and few local races where Zak can have a shot at getting points (bearing in mind to get points he needs a top 3 placing), Scotland and more importantly Northern Scotland is going to have to do something and soon otherwise it is going to lose talented racers!

In the meantime we are, as a family, spending an awful lot of time (and money) going to races in the North of England in a desperate attempt to get points. I so wish I knew how important points were back in January, knowledge is a wonderful thing if you have it, its a shame that no one could guide us and offer us this type of assistance for Zak's development last year or early this year! Still I can now pass on our hard learned lessons to the Youth riders who wish to follow Zak's racing strategy!

Zak has now got 3 points from his win on Saturday in Blackpool! :) but this came after the points cut off date. :?

Not a happy Bunny :(

Re: North West International Youth Tour 2012 2-4 June

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 2:58 pm
by Andy D
There's a whole host of reasons why kids down south will have accrued points (winter track leagues etc included) mainly down to the infrastructure for racing for youths on closed circuits etc.

I get told off for referring to Scotland as a cycling backwater and being desparaging about our races (I am not really being desparaging - just realistic, in terms of what they mean in the bigger picture).

Craig Wallace (GCRT) is a 2nd year junior and doing very nicely (along with a few more good young Scottish Riders) in the National Series and bigger races down south. He cut his teeth racing in Scotland and has done very well up here - hard work and hard training pays off, when you have the shape, mind and skill.

Whilst the set up remains as it is up here, then Zak and others will suffer in terms of 'point scoring' events and will have to go farther afield to gain any but that can be argued all the way up through the ranks to Elite level.

It IS a shame that Zak can't get a race in this event and it does seem to me it is more a geographical thing, which can be addressed, but just not overnight.

Don't be too disheartened, we will have more and more events up here before too long (lets make sure that they are points scoring events, if we can!) and as things develop then we will be closer to an equal footing with other Regions, we are probably ahead in some other cycling disciplines like MTB but Track and Road lags behind a little due to lack of suitable facilities and events but that is changing, keep the faith!

Re: North West International Youth Tour 2012 2-4 June

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 3:26 pm
by The Loneys
Thanks Andy I tend to agree but its chicken and egg situatuion. Get recruits against provide facility.
I quite like the look of the Kart Track at Boyndie Aerodrome near Banff looks good on Google maps. Don't know if anyone has had a look at this facility but looks worthy of a visit as its 850m long and more interesting than Alford track.
Looks like the kind of facility that we could hold an evening circuit league at for Youth Juniors and cat riders! But would we have the support for it being where it is!
Looking at the calendar of the track its rarely used on an evening during the week.

Just google maps AB45 2LR and take a look. if anyone is interested (or not) in some kind of evening league post here to see if its a non-starter or not!

Re: North West International Youth Tour 2012 2-4 June

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 3:54 pm
by Andy D
The Kart Track has been looked at and tentative moves were made for progress on that front but we have defaulted to Alford (more can be done with Alford, I would like to see the cones out - extending the corners, using the chicane etc) to make it less like an oval.

Further North (can't remember where) but there is a Kart Track being used for the Youths.

Re: North West International Youth Tour 2012 2-4 June

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 4:15 pm
by Colin A
Mark and Peter are looking at the kart track. I put them on to the manager who lives in my street. We tried to use it a few times but couldn't get a date and folk from Aberdeen wouldn't travel that far apparently. Sunday mornings are best for the track as they can't use it for karts. Too much noise apparently. They use the track in Golspie up north.

Re: North West International Youth Tour 2012 2-4 June

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2012 10:17 am
by ali
I can understand ur pain, points mean everything now, a must have to gain entry to events, i guess for advise on road style stuff the amount of experience in ABZ is limited, for years it was basicly just me going to events, now we GCRT have a nice core of riders that seem to want A to travel and B to race but still its a struggle for any rider from Scotland to get into top races at any level. and if u need to ask anything please do so either here or on FB, any of the lads will help.

I know lots of the U23 and Senior riders in Scotland have tried on several occasions to gain access to the Prem calendars but unless u are and Elite or part of a large racing team u have no chance!, I was chatting to Jenny and Laura and they were the same for the womans events, they were told unless it was a team of 4 or 5 they had no chance!, This year Craig he has gained lots of points, and has always been to the fore in the Junior races which has guaranteed him a place in the next event.

For some of his events i did Neutral service as a kind of bargaining chip to gain him assess to the event, as u can imagine organisers are always looking for assistance so this kind of offer is usually grabbed with both hands, but the secret is above all to perform in the 1st event and get ur name on the score sheet for nat points that way its tough for them to reject the entry.
My worry is next year, for the likes of the good Scottish Juniors, they will have gone from racing against the best in the UK to nothing, there is NO U23 series and the chances of getting into Prem Calanders is slim... kinda forcing them to go abroad or just be content with Scottish races which are getting well over subscribed now too.

Also for some hard training sessions he could come out with the GCRT bunch on a tue and thu evenings, this type of thing is very good for his age, will teach him how to ride in a bunch and at speed, this training has been very valuable to Craig as he started to come out as a youth A rider and has progressed well to be one of the countries top juniors


Re: North West International Youth Tour 2012 2-4 June

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2012 1:04 pm
by Andy D
I concur with pretty much all that has already been said.

Zak has an advantage of having track racing as one of his talents and this is a pathway the BCF hold very dear (just need to look at some of the top British U23 riders to see that they follow a road/track pathway)

Either way the limited scope of Scottish racing is definitely a factor.

Have suggested to Zak that he would be best placed to ride regularly with a group who will take him up to race pace, with next season's road racing in mind, although I suggested he perhaps wait till the end of this season/prep for next season to do that.

I don't speak for Zak or Claire so will leave that up to them but thanks for your encouragement and the offer for development for our local lads, as they progress beyond Youth A, it is appreciated.

Re: North West International Youth Tour 2012 2-4 June

PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2012 6:03 pm
by Colin A
Yep I agree with much of what has been said. It's what Claire and I have been advocating for the District, that the guys go out with faster more experienced chaps who have been trained to coach, no matter what club they ride for. We have to put any club differences aside so that we can bring up a bunch of riders for the District and ensure there are enough races in the district to instil competition.

It is a pity there aren't more races in the District where the youths can cut their teeth.

In return in years to come hopefully these guys can return the favour.

With Youth development in mind we are looking for anyone who wants to help out with coaching to come forward now so that we can put names to SC for the coach training in 2013. The courses fill up really quickly and we would like to get as many through as possible.

It's very rewarding working with enthusiastic kids and to see the development of the older guys in the squad has been a real pleasure. Even if you are thinking about coaching in the future i suggest you look at getting on the ladder now so you are fully qualified and prepared when you feel you want to get more involved.