Gifford SS

Away from Aberdeen, or 'abroad' if you come from Tarves

Gifford SS

Postby Carol » Fri Mar 04, 2011 9:24 am

Will be expecting the first race report of the season from you Stuart. Good luck.
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Re: Gifford SS

Postby malcolm » Sun Mar 06, 2011 11:09 am ... IC_ID=8233

Stuart survived the B Race. Ali W well up for the Granites in the A race
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Re: Gifford SS

Postby stu » Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:45 pm

Well all i finished only just.The day was a bit overcast no sun but a cold wind.
The race took of from Gifford,which was a nuteral zone until the first corner about 2 miles away.
It was a fast down hill section 48mph in the middle of 80 other people all trying to get to the front before that tight left hander.OMG
We all made it around the first corner the flag was down and the hulk started taking over. :mrgreen:
I was lying about 40th then there was a shout wooooo
then all hell broke loose i just braked hard as i could bikes were flying throu the air
there was about 10 guys lying on the road.I just stopped in time.Someone arm was throu my front wheel i told him move it or loose it sister.
Then someone ran into the back of me.It nearly knocked me over,i looked back they had ran into my rear mech it was bent a bit got it straight the best i could.then just got my head down passed a few guys.
My gears were jumping like mad i managed to get close to the front group after 2 laps.
But my gears kept jumping on the climbs there was a few of them.I had to stay in my seat.
My gears just got worse every lap,so i thought that ok im last just finish.
coming up to the last climb up to the finish my chain came of.Fixed it then got going,by that time about 10 riders had passed me.But i finished,thats all i wanted to do. :geek:
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