Etape du Tour 2013

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Etape du Tour 2013

Postby scotty1 » Thu Jun 13, 2013 11:40 am

Hi all,
I've decided to pull out of this years Etape du tour due to an ongoing injury that hasn't imporved latey. Having been on painkillers over the last 8months I decided last week to try without them for a week and didn't feel my injury had healed sufficent enough to warrent me participating this year. I thought to myself if I have to take painkillers didn't think it was fair on everybody else taking part and could risk injuring myself further which my be perminant. I was so looking for to a new challenge and riding with the guys the week after this made it into a very tough decision. A lack of motivation, desire, training and my mental state are not there this year to do hours on the road were other factors too. My passion for the sport is still there so over the next few months try a rehibilated my injury back to normal ready for Winter and next year. My appoilgies to the other four I feel like I let myself down but have to do what's best for my health.

So if anybody fancies going it's all booked fights, 3 nights stay at 3 star Auberge Le Semnoz St Jorioz, the week with the boys six nights at and flights. There's a cost of £50.00 admin to sports tours to name transfer which you would have to pay and a quarter of the car rental. This doesn't include the actual event sports tour say A.S.O wouldn't do a name transfer on the actual event if anybody was worried about that. I think I'll be a nice holiday in France cycling around the area and you get to see the tour. Hotel is supposed to be pretty close to the start and finish.

3 night in hotel i'll let you have for nothing rest roughly works out about £500 that's about half price of it probebly more.

I have all the details if your interested drop me a line.

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