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VI- The future of Cycling in Ellon needs you !!!

PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2011 2:14 pm
by Colin A
The future of cycling in Ellon needs your support on the 8th of June.

As most of you will be aware a new academy is being built in Ellon with an opening date in 2013. I have been in discussions with planners about a cycling track round the sports pitches (2 football and one rugby). I have been told that there is no budget for this and that some facilities have already had to be cut to keep the project within budget.

Now, the outline plans are being shown to the public for the first time on the 8th of June at Ellon academy
Afternoon session – 3pm – 5pm
Evening Session – 6pm – 8pm

We really need you to go along to this meeting and make your voice heard that for too long this region has ignored the benefits of sports cycling and as an area with a dedicated youth cycle club training in a car park is really not a long term option. We need an area where youths can train for the sport and safely without the risk of vehicles. If done correctly this could be a great facility for all cyclists.

We have an opportunity to make our voice heard and we really need all your voices raised together on this. Please try and pop in for 10 mins to the consultation and make it clear what is missing from their plans. 2013 is not far off and we can make a real difference to local cycling with a decent facility.

You will see from their plans that there is an unused area around the pitches which could be made into a track of about 1km. There are trees there but they are already clearing trees for the pitches plus a 4m width to allow access to the back of the pitches. This 4m area could be expanded to 5-6m and tarmacked to provide an excellent circuit. I have an out line sketch but have been asked to keep it to myself until the public consolation. I may have left it in my car at the TT on Sunday if anyone is looking through the window ;-)

How we are going to persuade them to spend the money is another fight all together.

Re: VI- The future of Cycling in Ellon needs you !!!

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 8:27 am
by Colin A
It seems obvious but to sell the requirement for a cycling track it would be better if there are a number of uses for this and this is communicated to the council and planners.

A couple that I have come up with:

• An area for disabled wheelchair athletes to train safely
• In conjunction with the swimming pool and running on the playing field this would make an ideal youth triathlon centre (currently youth triathletes can't race bikes on the open road and so opportunities to race and train are restricted).
• An all weather area where pupils can walk or jog during lunchtimes and watch any of the activities on the sports field. This could give the area a more of an open "campus" type feel.
• Vehicular access, when required to the areas around the sports fields for maintenance.
• Nordic roller skiing area

Anything else?