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Social Media Policy

PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:10 pm
by Don
For 2018, there is an updated Ythan CC Social Media Policy in effect. A copy of the revised policy document has been distributed by email and is also be available on the Club’s Facebook page, and wherever else might be appropriate. The key changes to the policy relate to alignment of Club membership with membership of or access to the Club’s Facebook page, Strava club, etc. Essentially, memberships of these social media groups will be restricted to active, paid-up club members only, with an annual purge to remove non-members.
I’m aware that Facebook in particular makes it very easy to share stuff online with other club members, but not everyone is comfortable with the volume of personal data being hoovered up by web giants like Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple. We are, therefore aiming to revamp this very forum and make this our default, go-to resource for communicating with the rest of the club. The Social Media Policy will, naturally, still apply; but hopefully every club member will be happy to participate here!!AtYYrEwz0OYXg5lIK4YBV-V8WJ--oQ