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How to include images / photos in your forum posts

PostPosted: Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:27 pm
by Nick_H
You have got that fabulous photo that you really 'have' to share with everyone.... but you don't know how.

Here is what you need to do.

The image that you want to include in your message or post needs to reside somewhere on the web. This could be your personal Facebook, Flickr, Picasa page, our own gallery of images as well as an existing website from another club, cycle manufacturer, news site etc etc. See Wikipedias list of photo sharing sites for more ideas and information.

1) Locate the image you want to include in your post and note, or copy, the URL of the image. This should be of the IMAGE and not the page it is on. For example in Facebook, right click on the image you want to include and select copy shortcut (Internet Exploder) or Copy image URL (Chrome). If you are using a Mac, then you can work it out for yourself :D . I would expect that your device will do it automatically whilst simultaneously brewing coffee, walking the dog and completing that tough turbo session for you - everyone tells me how marvellous their Apple devices are ;) .
Common file types for images are .jpg and .png. If your shortcut ends with .htm, .html, .php or .asp, then it is probable that you are linking to the page and not the image you want to include.

2) On the row of links above the window where you compose your forum message, locate and click on Img (though with a square bracket around it), Paste or type the shortcut / URL to the image between the two img ...... /Img tags making sure the square brackets remain in place around both the opening and the closing "img" tags. Square brackets are what the forum software uses to detect code it should run. Therefore, no square brackets = no image.
Below is an example of an image hosted on a facebook page but set up to display in the body of this post.
Code: Select all
Note how the entire shortcut sits between the opening and closing "img" tags and that the shortcut points to a .jpg file. The resulting image looks like this......

3) if you don't have a place to host the image (i.e. you don't use Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Picasa etc) then you can use to host your image. However, Imgur is blocked by some corporate internet browsers so it is possible if anyone is looking at the Ythan Forum from work (heaven forbid that anyone would do that), they may not see the Imgur image. An example of an Imgur hosted image included in a post would look like this
Code: Select all
And the image itself, like this

4) We do not promote attaching images to posts or embedding the actual image within the body of a post. This will quickly fill our database with pictures, slowing down the speed of the forum and making us liable to expensive server overage fees. Host the pics elsewhere and link to them - there are countless options as the few examples above illustrate.

Lastly, a few tips and tricks.......

Not seeing an image even though the post says there is one present. Check you have logged in. Often, the images are only visible to those that are logged in to the forum to prevent random visitors from seeing your lovely pictures.

Want your pictures to load quickly - make them the right size / resolution for the web. Most computers can only show a little over 1000 pixels across the screen; saving an image straight from your 20 megapixel camera will produce something that is far too wide to be displayed. It is good practice to shrink photos to around 900px wide as a maximum. Otherwise the server will have to resize the image for you or it will take up more space than is visible and the viewer will have to scroll to see it in its entirety. Virtually any photo editing software can do this (Adobe Photoshop / Photoshop Elements is a commonly used program). If you have a large number of photos you wish to resize, the freely available IrfanView has a batch resize function and can be used to resize considerable numbers of photos in one go.

Reply to this message if you encounter any problems.