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Club kit - the rules and Ythan's position

PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:16 pm
by Colin A
Club Colours - The rules and club position

One if the most often asked questions is about club colours and " what do I have to wear for a race or other event"

So, first the regulations:

For a British Cycling or Scottish Cycling event you should wear the kit registered by the club. For Ythan that means a blue kit with black panels. In practice this means any of the last three blue Ythan kits will be acceptable to race in. If you don't have a kit yet then it is acceptable to race your first race in a single colour kit other than black.

Note: pro team kits are not allowed.

At national races team kit must be worn.

Commissaires MAY make some discretionary decisions at local events for first time racers or younger youth riders.

Note: no black kit, no triathlon cut off tops and all helmets must be approved type and not modified

Now, the club stance.

To survive and attract membership the club needs publicity and the best way locally for that is for the general public and other cyclists to see Ythan kit while out on the road. Thus we would like you to race, train, ride sportives and do most of your general cycling during club activities in Ythan kit.

For training evenings, especially the youth A and junior training, we expect the riders to wear club kit. They are riding as a team and should look, and feel, like a team.

We are not a sponsored club and so members have to pay full price for their kits. We have kept our membership fees low to offset the kit costs and have deliberately kept the club kit similar over the last ten years or so. This was done to stop people having to change year after year. We have made small changes occasionally to the kit so that anyone who wants to can buy the latest kit. We have also occasionally issued "special" kit that has Ythan on it but is not the official kit and cannot be used for BC or SC events.

Remember, when you are wearing the club kit you are an ambassador for the club so ride and behave accordingly.

Wear your Ythan kit with pride.