Rudy Project Wingspan helmet - Black

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Rudy Project Wingspan helmet - Black

Postby Sean » Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:26 pm

Time trial aero helmet worn a total of 5 times and not at all this year.
Extremely aero and easily the comfiest time trial helmet I have tried. One size fits all. Comes in box with all the accessories and the cloth bag.
It is in as new condition.

Cost £180, bargin at £120

If interested please contact me at sean20 at

The best of Rudy Project technology tested in a wind tunnel and at the Tour de France. With all the features of the Rudy Project road helemts with a light weight aero form. Ideal for Time Trials or Triathlon events.

Top Features of the Rudy Project Wingspan Cycling Time Trial TT Helmet
•Maximum levels of research and development, use of advanced materials and technology, meticulous attention to detail. These are the Rudy Project "musts" that have given life to the brand new Wingspan helmet. Starting with its name, the Wingspan evokes the energy and freedom of flight which, translated into the language of sports, correspond to speed and lightness.
•Designed for time trial competitions, this helmet is characterised by a contained and streamlined shape and has large ventilation slots that favour constant air circulation without harming the overall aerodynamics.
•Confirming the fact that Rudy Project always gives the best in order to offer the best technical solutions, Wingspan was tested in a wind tunnel in Charlotte, North Carolina. Under the expert attention of John Cobb, American aerodynamics guru in the cycling field, the Wingspan was subjected to numerous strict tests that made it possible to adopt all the measures necessary to optimize its performance. Extensive and attentive teamwork led to the fine tuning of all of its aspects, even the smallest, transforming them into precious seconds of advantage on the clock. Tests were then carried out directly in competition. In fact, at the last Tour de France Wingspan competed with some of the strongest cyclist.
•Comfortable and versatile, the Wingspan may be used in various configurations: "closed," meaning with the protection of the front slot - also useful against insects - and the cover for the tail, necessary to obtain maximum aerodynamic performance; and "open," meaning without any protection or cover in order to ensure maximum internal ventilation.
•The structure is made with in-molding technology that makes this helmet very sturdy and at the same time among the lightest on the market (only 280g). The height of the no-slip system is adjustable into three positions to ensure particularly ergonomic wearability.
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