Operation Inchbrae- Stolen bikes in our area.

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Re: Operation Inchbrae- Stolen bikes in our area.

Postby Erwan » Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:16 am

Hi Nick, do check your PMs, I think I found some matches..
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Re: Operation Inchbrae- Stolen bikes in our area.

Postby Baldieheidit » Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:57 pm


Between Saturday 17 November 2012 and Friday 23 November 2012 there have been several bikes stolen, mostly from sheds/garages and tenements or unattended in the street. In recent months, the West End and City Centre areas have been worst affected by thieves, with this week the West End area has being targeted again.

The most recognisable bikes as described by their owners are as follows:

Saracen gent's mountain bike, mainly red in colour with black and white stripes.

Carerra Vulcan gent's mountain bike, black in colour with white 'Carerra' writing thereon, white seat, white handlebars straight. 18" frame.

Trek 6000 gent's mountain bike, blue and white in colour with silver handlebars and red wheel rims. "TREK" is written in white/red on the frame. On the right side of frame serial WTUOAI754; on left side of frame IBI0406; on middle of frame near pedals 0012. LED lights at front and rear both with yellow cases. Black plastic mudguards front and rear.

silver and blue Reebok child's mountain bike. 22-inch frame and 18-21 gears. Red coil lock on the bike which cannot be removed because it is broken.

Specialized Hard Rock gent's mountain bike. Black and blue in colour with New York skyline on main frame, front suspension, black seat, 28 gears.

Specialised Hybrid pedal cycle, Green in colour, black Armadillo tyres, curved handlebars.

Ridgeback gent's pedal cycle, grey in colour. Pedals are missing.

Carerra Vengeance LG gent's mountain bike, silver in colour, with 26" wheels, black seat, black handle bars, silver frame, front and back mud guards. Frame size 20".

Trek 250 lady's conventional pedal cycle, black in colour. Eight gears, black saddle, metal pedals, cycle computer, lights front and back, standard brakes, pannier at rear.

Mongoose gent's mountain bike, grey in colour, with MONGOOSE written on the crossbar in white. Black saddle.

British Eagle lady's mountain bike, frame is blue in colour, with orange British Eagle sticker on lower crossbar. Shimano gears, black tyres with black saddle (saddle has a rough texture). Small silver reflective stickers thereon. UV marked with owner's previous postcode. Lights on front and back and reflectors on back and front also.

Cube AMS 110 gent's mountain bike, red incolour, front and back suspension, white saddle, black handlebars. No mudguards, 30 gears quick fire, Avid disc brakes, black Nukeproof pedals, Maxis front tyre, rear Schwalbe,

White Genesis Croix De Fer gents conventional pedal cycle, frame size approximately 50cm, lights fitted back and front, pump also attached.

Blue and white childs Raleigh racer. No further details on this bike, however it was stolen along with the one mentioned above.
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Re: Operation Inchbrae- Stolen bikes in our area.

Postby Baldieheidit » Fri Nov 30, 2012 4:22 pm


Between Saturday 24 November 2012 and Friday 30 November 2012 there have been 13 bikes reported stolen which is a reduction on the previous weeks figure. These bikes are mostly stolen from sheds/garages and tenements or unattended in the street. Again the West End and City Centre areas have been worst affected by thieves with Nigg running a close second to these areas. Three people have been reported in this time frame for crime associated with the theft of or damage to bikes.

The most recognisable bikes as described by their owners are as follows:

Gents black, silver and red Trek full suspension mountain bike, 17.5" frame with Foxfloat RP2 rear suspension, front Foxfloat 130RL suspension, wheels are Bontrager race wheels, drive train is Shimano Deorelx 9 speed gears. Pedal system is 42 – 32 – 22 – giving 27 hears in total, Bontrager race saddle, feet post and also handle bars are 40mm rise, breaks are Avid Juicy 5 hydrolic disc breaks.

Orbea Orca gents road bike, orange and black in colour. Has 2 bottle holders attached to the frame and clip pedals. Bike is 2012 model.

Gents black Revolution mountain bike with black front forks with the make SR Sub Tour or similar thereon. 24 gears.

Black Carrera ladies mountain bike, 18" frame with muddy fox seat and black mudguards fitted to front and rear.

Black Carrera Subway gents mountain bike with front and rear mudguards fitted, black pannier set on the rear attached to the stem of the seat.
Blue and silver gents Giant mountain bike, 21 gears, has lights fitted to front and rear.

Whyte Hardtail childs mountain bike, white in colour, 30 gears, Shram Shifters, black grips with orange finish. Black and orange finishes on entire bicycle. Pump attached and bottle cage containing water bottle. 'Crud Catcher' white mud guards with red finish. 'Cat Eye' light on front of bicycle and milometer on handlebars. 2.2" Maxxis tyre on rear and 2" Armadillo tyre on front. Orange hubs, front and rear. Serial numbers on bottom of cycle are 128-98805 and 1212S7655. Bike stolen along with black Giro men's bicycle helmet.

White Boardman gents mountain bike. Rear of the bike has been painted black by the owner, black handlebars and black suspension. Has square black metal pedals. Front and back suspension.

Silver and lime green Rhino gents mountain bike with suspension.

Specialized FSR stump jumper gents mountain bike, large frame, full suspension, carbon frame, red frame with black writing.

Black Mongoose child's BMX pedal cycle. It has red handle bars and a red seat. Both handle bars have signs of wear at each side and a small rip at the back left side of the saddle.

Foldable silver bike, unisex, 2 white lights, one remains on all time, 1 red light at the bike. Complainer thinks the bike model is Weekend, followed by another name complainer is not sure about.

Carerra Valour gent's mountain bike, white in colour. 18" wheels, medium frame. Black mudguards and water bottle holder.
Specialized Hard Rock gent's mountain bike, white and red in colour. Serial no: WSBC602081358H. Torch clamped to handlebars; 21-inch wheels.


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30 Arrests?

Postby snail » Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:35 pm

Heard this morning that 30 arrests had been made in connection with this operation. Any idea whether they recovered any bikes? Both my daughter and her friend had their bikes stolen from near Rubislaw Quarry a couple of months back, so was wondering if any had been recovered.

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Re: Operation Inchbrae- Stolen bikes in our area.

Postby Colin A » Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:46 pm

Good picture of the super sleuth Nick Thom in the P&J today. Would have been even better if he had been wearing his YCC kit :lol:
May I remind you of that scene
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Re: Operation Inchbrae- Stolen bikes in our area.

Postby Baldieheidit » Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:10 pm


we have recovered literally hundreds of bikes, but due to some bicycle owners having literally no idea what make, model, size of bike they had stolen, it is almost impossible to re-unite them with their property. These bikes almost always end up going to the Police Auctions, and there are some very good bikes amongst them.

During Operation Inchbrae, we recovered numerous bikes from known thiefs, that have the serial numbers removed and there is no doubt they are stolen, HOWEVER, if the owners only know that their bike was a green MTB with 21 gears, we cannot categorically say that it belongs to them. That is why the Bike Passport on the Crime Reduction Pages of Grampian Police website is ideal, to enable bike owners to detail all of the components, distinguishing marks and possibly a photograph to enable Police to accurately identify it should the bike be stolen. Bike shops all have stocks of these. Nobody bothers to use them however, until it is too late.

Of the bikes that we did recover, alot of them have been reunited with their rightful owners, but these are usually expensive customised bikes.

If you want to PM me with the name and address of your relatives, I will persoanlly check their Crimfile on our databases and then search the recovered bikes to see if we have recovered any similar bikes.

Incidentailly, we caught another bike thief today on a stolen bike. The giveaway was that he was riding the bike without a saddle or seatpost....... :o



PS - Colin, I looked so bulky with my body armour on that it appeared i had ALL of my Ythan Kit on underneath. The camera added about 20lbs!!
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Re: Operation Inchbrae- Stolen bikes in our area.

Postby Baldieheidit » Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:22 pm


Between Saturday 1 December 2012 and Friday 7 December 2012 there have been several bikes stolen, mostly from sheds/garages and tenements or unattended in the street. In recent months, the West End and City Centre areas have been worst affected by thieves, however this week it is evenly spread around Garthdee, Dyce, Seaton, Rosemount, Bridge of Don and the City Centre.

The most recognisable bikes as described by their owners are as follows:

Trek 500 gent's mountain bike, black in colour. There is a cycle computer on it, plastic mudguards to the front and back and non-standard pedals so that you can ride it with shoes on.

T Rex gent's mountain bike with dual-suspension, jet black in colour with "T Rex" in red writing on frame. Black seat, silver pedals, light brackets, barcode on wire for brakes located near the handlebars.

Raleigh conventional lady's bike, frame green in colour with a bright orange basket on the front, standard silver mudguards on front and back wheel, fittings for lights but no lights attached to the bike.

Ridgeback T1 Velocity gent's hybrid bike, 2008 model, grey in colour. Black seat and handle bar grips. 21 gears.

White 901 gent's mountain bike, granite black in colour, disc brakes, non-standard nuke- proof proton pedals. Manufacturer's tag under the main sprocket housing, which is registered with complainer's name and address.

Felt Trial Shot hard-tail mountain bike. Dark anodised blue in colour, which can look green in a certain light. Has "Felt" written in white. White headset. Seat is slightly damaged where padding has been pulled at. 18 gears. 2012 model.
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Re: Operation Inchbrae- Stolen bikes in our area.

Postby Baldieheidit » Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:27 pm

Bicycle theft tackled by pilot operation in Aberdeen - END OF OPEATION PRESS RELEASE

Thirty people have been charged and more than £10,000 of property has been recovered in an operation to target bicycle thieves in Aberdeen.

Operation Inchbrae was planned and organised by Kittybrewster Local Policing Team Inspector Nick Thom in response to an increase in bike thefts in the city.

Between July 1 and October 17, about 360 bikes were stolen, an average of over three bikes a day. Some areas of Aberdeen were more affected than others, such as the West End, Ferryhill, the city centre and Old Aberdeen.

Grampian Police's 'Local Policing - Closer To You' model seeks to ensure communities are better served in relation to the concerns they have. Given the theft of bicycles is a recurring problem for many of Aberdeen's residents, the operation was launched specifically to target bike thieves and address the problem.

Operation Inchbrae was not just about enforcement however, it was a four-pronged attack on bicycle theft, those being: analysis, awareness, education and enforcement.

"We analysed previous bike thefts in the city, looking for crime patterns and trends," said Inspector Thom. "Similarly, we looked at the profile of criminals caught or suspected of stealing bikes and we targeted them.

"Learning from this analysis, we helped raise awareness of bike thefts in Aberdeen by circulating regular information bulletins regarding crime hotspots, recently stolen bikes and crime prevention advice, through local bike shops and cycling clubs, to ensure that we have many more 'eyes and ears' in our cycling community and among residents.

"During the operation we investigated all bike thefts, followed all leads and proactively stopped and checked cyclists, particularly in respect of lighting or road traffic offences, allowing us to check over their bikes."

The pilot phase of Operation Inchbrae has been well received and supported by the local cycling community.

By enlisting the assistance of the cycling clubs in the Aberdeen area and supplying them with a list of recently stolen bikes, Grampian Police is informing enthusiasts passionate about their sport, who continually glance at other people's bikes and who may identify a possible stolen bike in the classified sections of newspapers and internet sites.

Cyclists know the going rate for a second hand bike, and can spot a 'rogues bargain' easily. The Operation Inchbrae team have been successful in following up leads supplied by members of the public about cheap bikes, which were almost too good to be true.

Inspector Thom said: "A cheap high-spec bike may very well be a stolen bike and I would urge potential buyers to report any suspicious adverts to Grampian Police. If it doesn't feel right - it's not right.

"The partnership approach of the operation, aided by information from members of the public about those involved, has enabled us to make significant inroads to reducing bike thefts in Aberdeen and improving the quality of life of the worst-affected communities."

Since the start of Operation Inchbrae, 30 individuals have been charged as part enforcement activities. Ten stolen bicycles valued at over £6,700 and golfing equipment valued at over £5,000 have been recovered.

More than a dozen cyclists were charged with careless cycling offences and numerous others educated regarding their standard of cycling, particularly during these dark nights when cyclists are particularly difficult to see on poorly lit roads.

Crime Reduction Constable, Kevin Murray, asks cyclists to take some time to think about the exact location they secure their bike and what they are going to secure it to.

"This thought process could assist in preventing the bike from ever being stolen in the first place," he said. "Most thefts are still opportunist and even if you are just going into a shop for just a couple of minutes that's sufficient time for someone to steal your bike.

"A simple but effective method of securing your bike in the street is to lock it using a good quality lock such as a 'D' lock, at the dedicated bike bars found in and around the city centre.

"Also consider securing it to immoveable street furniture which is in line of sight of a public space CCTV camera.

"In an effort to improve property descriptions provided to police I would like to remind all bike owners to use the Bike Passport form on the Grampian Police website on the crime reduction pages.

"It is difficult to give the police or your insurer an accurate description of your bike once it has been stolen, but if you security mark it, complete this form, which includes an image of your bike and keep it safe, it will provide a more accurate description to increase the chance of officers being able to reunite you with your stolen bicycle if it's recovered."

For more advice on bike and shed security contact your local Crime Reduction Officer on 0845 600 5700.


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