Confined Results 2011

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Re: Confined Results 2011

Postby Colin A » Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:56 pm

Here are the results of the final confined TT of the season. When I get an hour ot two spare I'll go through the spreadsheet and see who has won. I'll be announcing it at the prizegiving - can you wait?

Zak Loney 00:25:36
Alan Gordon 00:26:59
Graham Parley 00:28:22
James West 00:28:27
Dave Harrison 00:29:20
Mike Giles 00:29:38
Carol Middleton 00:29:52
Jack Grant 00:31:01
Paul Scott 00:32:12
Laurie Cunningham 00:32:52
Norman Fraser 00:33:01
Tamsin Morris 00:33:33
Adam Loney 00:34:42
David McIntosh DNF
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